Long time!

I will follow up for you; I passed. But did not score a lot more than so. Can't wait until the Latin scores are put up, I think these will cheer me up.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I would have felt like it if it wasn't such a burden to figure out an alright costume, which is cheap. I'm such a poor, cheap student!

This was a very nice week in other. My family was here. I miss them. Love you so much!



I was planning to bake a cake today in the new oven, as for celerbrating my success in the Biophysics test.

The paper was exactly what I wanted it to be, so what is my problem.

How could I be stupid enough to spontaneously change all these answers supporting β-decay into α-decay, just like that, erase and replace, without thinking twice. Why not finish the long essay question instead? Even if I had an impulse of doubt, acing the long essay would actually be reasonable since it was worth more points.

In five minutes I basically trashed my 5 (top grade is 5) into a 2 (pass) on the essay section.

I'm immensely disappointed and I can't handle this very well because I'm also ashamed. I hate that my boyfriend will get his 5 whilst I will not.

Of course he should have a 5, but I should too, that's how I feel and I can't repair this.

Tomorrow I have to feel really pretty in school. And I have to score full points in Latin on Wednesday. I'm seriously the most eager Latin student. Anyways I still bought the ingredients today for the cake so I'm going to bake it now...



Tannul Tannulok Tannultok

Study. Study, study... study and study.

And cook some food, and then again, one is obliged to study. Should definitely study.

The freshmen's prom is today but no one is going because the Biophysics control is on Monday morning. Whoever decided to make this kind of prom arrangement clearly preferred keeping the prom as a private event.


Torr constant

By the way, did you notice the dryness of the grass in my previous post? (obviously not since I put it up just ten minutes ago...) Debrecen has actually been fed with less than one day of rain since I got here, the 16:th of August.

Autumn is approaching but from noon till evening we still have temperatures above 20 degrees Celcius - in case you were curious about the weather. Personally I'm genuinely enthusiastic about weather so.......

Melting backpack

I'm looking for a new backpack. The one I currently carry is 20 years old, half dead and too small for transportation of school material.

And I must complain!! My search has not been nearly succesful. Basically, I want a douplet, but slightly bigger, cannot find...

Please have indulgence with my procrastination here, as I'm preparing for the chemistry exam that takes place the next monday.



I shall introduce you to my home! Bit by bit; starting with the back side, also known as the sunny side, as well as the one side of our appartment's windows and balcony.

As the reader might assume with the aid of the two photos below, our appartment building was erected during the 20:th century (unwanted) communist era of Hungary. Assumingly the building is around 45 years old.

One of the balconies is yellow, this is our balcony, third level.

You may notice how the windows are barricated at the ground floor. Swedish window burglers have few business opportunities in Debrecen.

The majority of our neighbors seem nice and friendly, but they don't like it how I shut the house gate, so I adapt and truly pet it into place. I agree it should not oscillate more than necessary, that awfully musical gate...


There there

I re-found my keys. That's right, they were out of sight for a monent which partly explains my last post. Heh-heh.

I studied chemistry all day long. First there was a chemistry lecture, then a chemistry seminar, and then I sort of remained in school and studied chemistry until now. On monday we have our first self-control. Aahhh. Good scores for self-controls gives exemptions from final exams!

You should have seen me today, I was really awake. No irony; a good night sleep. Again, aahhh!



I had the worst friday. I even cried. The only thing that went (kind of) well was the presentation. Ugh. I'll go and swim now to redeem my mood.