I was planning to bake a cake today in the new oven, as for celerbrating my success in the Biophysics test.

The paper was exactly what I wanted it to be, so what is my problem.

How could I be stupid enough to spontaneously change all these answers supporting β-decay into α-decay, just like that, erase and replace, without thinking twice. Why not finish the long essay question instead? Even if I had an impulse of doubt, acing the long essay would actually be reasonable since it was worth more points.

In five minutes I basically trashed my 5 (top grade is 5) into a 2 (pass) on the essay section.

I'm immensely disappointed and I can't handle this very well because I'm also ashamed. I hate that my boyfriend will get his 5 whilst I will not.

Of course he should have a 5, but I should too, that's how I feel and I can't repair this.

Tomorrow I have to feel really pretty in school. And I have to score full points in Latin on Wednesday. I'm seriously the most eager Latin student. Anyways I still bought the ingredients today for the cake so I'm going to bake it now...


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