The jacket :D

Three quarter sleeve, beige linen/cotton mix and denim detailing. Rope waistband. So cute!! And the price was only 7990 forints, that's around 35 USD or 230 SEK. Wohoo! From Pull&Bear.


I woke up this morning and felt like I was on a different planet... sunlight!? What a pleasant surprise. Dennis and I walked downtown to check out the sale at Forum... to take a little break from the studies... not that we really deserve one... well aanyways I found a really cute jacket for the coming spring! And some other small stuff.

Oh I have been suffering... we went grocery shopping when stores opened up again after the christmas holiday here, and can you imagine... the super market was almost completely out of fresh milk. They had one single liter... which I bought... so for almost two days I was forced to survive on one liter of milk. I had to rely on orange juice and water for supplement. If you are used to having something in the way that I'm used to drinking milk... you know that supplements are not nearly satisfying. Gosh... I don't want this to happen any sooner so today I bought 10 liters =) yeahh



Last semester embryology was a tsunami that knocked me down and... then just continued on its forceful path away and away from me. A metaphor to describe the word overwhelming. I'm reading and learning how the embryo develops day by day... Now I want to say something like "and it WORKS!!", well duh you might think; meanwhile I'm very happy that I'm no longer "just memorizing". At least that's how I feel. High five :D


I went with Dennis to the hairdresser yesterday and afterwards he bought me lunch at Melange =) Who said they don't like the food at Melange!? Quesadillas with chicken... ohmy... it was amazing. And when I tasted Dennis' ribs there was a festival in my mouth. SO GOOD.

My studies before the anatomy finals are going so and so... I'm relaxing way too much. Nem jó! I need to finish general embryology today or I'm falling behind. I don't want to postpone my finals! I'm taking it January 8th... apart from the theoretical exam I also have Histology 1 that I failed during the semester heeh...

Photos (yesterday) from Dennis phone.



I'm still full. Oh it was goood. And back to childhood playing UNO, lool, I got "UNO" all the time but didn't win even once. It was fun. And the appartment is so clean now!! Best part of having guests over, höhö



Heey guys, merry christmas!

It's 5AM. I have not stayed up... I'm not abroad in a tropical country... I just really messed up my sleeping habits during the last week of school. This is my second christmas in Hungary, my first with Dennis. Instead of trying to sleep when we weren't tired "yesterday" (Saturday) Dennis and I played Medieval II until 10AM (Sunday). We went to gym at 11AM. Then to bed... Aaand in the end here we are, well rested.

Chrismas breakfast: we made spare ribs! Awawa marinated, they just came out of the oven! This evening we are cooking for Dollal and Hayaan, and maybe their roomie... guess what - pancakes with minced meat :DDD

Now: EAT! Then make my christmas present to myself. I'll document the progress. See you later



No class party. I wish people cared more about communicating... on time... is it only me that assume that if things are quitet before a meet-up everything is fine and according to plan? I don't know... I'm sorry that two classmates were at the place alone for a long time... I came later as I did not feel like going by my self... obviously...

The dinner at Leroy café was really nice =) we walked from there to Bakelit in a freeezing cold! People were moving to "millenium" so we joined the train, but it happened to be a kareoke bar and I think our company was not in the proper mood, haha! After a few hours at two classmates' place some of us went to club stereo... fun to dance but there were too many weirdos... Uh! I hate being pulled by randoms like that when I'm trying to have a good time. Oddny and I went to join at McDonalds instead, which was a pleasant finish, I appreciated that =)

So yesterday evening, mixed! I was also looking forward to a mojito but you know how sometimes you get a bad mojito, the one at Leroy is definitely in my top 3 bad ones. It was almost as bad as the gin and tonic at millenium. Lol! Here are some photos:



It's not uncommon to see me yawning at the gym, but today... zombie mode activated. At least the feeling after a workout is priceless.

You know something? I'm free! I passed anatomy, abdomen and pelvis today with 8/10, but question is... did I pass histology too? I'll find out tomorrow. I'm definitely on the border with histo here!

What else! Tomorrow is going wild day, I'm talking about partying..! I'm going to a dinner (I think) with group 5 (my anatomy group) and then I'm meeting up with my group (11) at a bar followed by going ouuuut!! Now I didn't discuss the last part with anyone in particular but I know for sure that the icelanders will go, and I mean, who doesn't want to go!?!

Now: waxing, some dinner and BEDTIME. Bedtime bigtime. I haven't slept since 10pm yesterday. Ahhhhh freedom.


Escape, time and "fun" questions

Do you know what your name means? - No I don't remember... update: I checked it and the most common meaning is rebel and bitter. HA-HA!
Do you believe in love at first sight? - Not true love, but it's possible to be "stricken" in a way that you keep thinking about that person as if you were in love, I know that hehe.
How often do you work out? - Every 2nd day but I have missed out sometimes because of school.
How tall are you? - 172 cm.
How much do you weigh? - 57,5 kg (yesterday).

Love or money? - Love!!
What are you afraid of? - Death. Hehe but yes really...
Who was the last person you saw? - Dennis.
What did you write in your last text message and to who? - I wrote "Thanks :) :) :)" to Bendy.
Do you prefer calling or texting? - Calling.
When did you wake up today? - 14.55 :S
How to impress you? - Hmm I don't know, be better at something than me? Höhö
Do you curse? - On occasion.
Do you snore? - Haha... yes, ever since I had mononucleosis ("kissing disease") a few years ago.
Boobs or ass? - Ass!
Face or body? - I would not date a nice face if it didn't come with a good body :S
A bad habit? - Yes I tug off split ends of my hair when I'm distracted or bored =(
What colour are your gym shoes? - Black and pink :D
Do you sleep with or without clothes? - Without whenever I can but it's too cold now...
How many pillows in your bed? - Three (not mine).
Which ice cream is your favourite? - I don't know... every time I develop a favourite ice cream they stop selling it!! I swear this has happened at least four times in my life! My last favourite was the Magnum coco choc, I still dream about it...
Have you thrown up because of alcohol? - Yes.
Do you like coffee? - I lovelovelove coffee! With milk.
Do you smoke? - No I haven't even tried hehe.
Are you good at math? - Average. But I think I would be good at math if I took it now.
Have you had a one night stand? - No... I wouldn't enjoy having sex with a stranger even if he was suuuuper attractive.
Have you ever been cheated on? - I don't think so.
Have you cheated on someone? - No.
Are you good at card games? - I win more than half of the games I play, I guess?
Do you feel like you are surrounded by friends? - I'm starting to feel that way again, it has been something that I've missed from home.
What is your usual bed time? - There is no such thing in my life at the moment.
Favourite food? - Pancakes with minced meat awhwawhah <3<3<3
If you would have one plastic surgery what would it be? - I think I won't do it but I would cut down on my nose bridge.
Do you want to have kids? - Yes!!
What part of your body do you like the most? - I like my body. I choose my ass.

What languages do you speak? - Swedish, English, Russian. Basic French, and Hungarian is coming together.
City or countryside? - BOTH and some variation. If I have to choose ONE I say countryside.

What would you like to spend more money on? - Fashion and travelling.
What is your biggest scar on your body? - On my knee from ACL reconstructive surgery.
Do you flirt a lot? - I know that I'm flirty, it's a part of my humour and nothing too serious.
Latest novel you read? - Pride and prejudice but I haven't finished it, the wit-rich dialogues are annoying!
Do you follow the news? - Just news in Swedish newspapers.
Are you able to change the oil of a car? - I doubt it!
Are you good at dancing? Not really, but I love dancing :D

What was the last thing you wrote down on a piece of paper? Last thing I wrote was the Hungarian written exam.


"Det jämnar ut sig, sa cyklisten som..."

Bad part is that my biochemistry exam went kind of bad. 20/32 points, daym really? And I thought that I would be on the border to be getting a 5. Good part is that I did improve my physiology from a 3 to a 4 in the remedial exam!! Thus, my final grade for both subjects is 4 (average 80 - 90%).

But that's it guys. I don't have anything else to share because I haven't had time to do ANYTHING this week!? Sunday - Wednesday I slept for so little that I was afraid of having coffee as if it would over strain my heart or something.

I'm going to bed now. Dennis and I will watch a movie but I think we might both fall asleep hehe.

No photos from this week... but I'd like to share a nice one, so here's a picture of me an Hayaan earlier this semester when we were jobless... =)



"Hi there, congratulations to you on passing the Physio lab exam. I just wanted to know that what did you study for the Physiology closing lab exam? and also what is your method and your studying sources for Biochemistry? I'm asking you because you've got a good grade in Biochem which I think is a hard thing to achieve. it would be very appreciated if you write about these maybe in your next post or in the comment section. Thanks, I really need some clues on how to study these subjects."

Hi! I answered in the comments. Good luck with the exam =)


What kind of life is this!?

I just got home from the physiology lab exam. I passed. There were so many parameters and values to memorize... would drive anyone crazy... but it worked... oh and as for the biochem exam yesterday, I think it went OK? By OK I mean it could have been worse, after all it was quite hard... I need 26/32 points to get the highest grade... I'm not sure that was accomplished... but I'll have a grade 4 for sure. What's up next... physiology exam tomorrow and Hungarian on Friday. Histology and anatomy in the coming week. Hungarian... always at the wrong time... but what to do... for now I'm off to the shower, then the bed... and then there's going to be a looong night O.O

Life science building (today). Mostly medicine and dentistry students stroll around here but there's also engineering and arts...


Bitch pleaseee

BY THE WAY this other weird thing happened - was that Diana convinced me into taking a look at her favourite show Basketball wives LA. I did AND I like it, it's hilarious! It's one of those super stupid shows where everyone is talking behind eachothers back and bitchin here and there fighting making up going out for gossip-lunch throwing drinks bithurahoee... it's not the kind of show I usually watch, but this one... so funny.

There's another weird! The show made me feel sort of thankful that I have very little silly drama around me here (that I know of) hahaaa but then, this evening I found out that someone has been trying to convince people of that me and a friend in the class are/were having something going on. Repeatedly doing this. My friend has a girlfriend too. The four of us are confused... Of course I'm curious about whether the person was making it up or being convinced of what he/she was saying. I'll propably never find out because I'm embarrassed by the thought of asking... awkward... surprised.

Oh but if someone reading this could help me understand - for instance if somebody says "we had a disagreement but now she knows where I'm coming from", does that actually refer to where the person is coming from? Or is it a metaphor? Heheh



What a weird day... started out with me being really tired and having a fight with the biochemistry material in the library... I almost hate those lecture slides now. They are sloppily made in haste or something... and they tell us those should be our primary source for the course. I was almost mad! It didn't make it better that I accidently printed them out on single papers too... so I had to pay for 56 pages extra in the copy shop... and upon that I found out that that copy shop doesn't even recycle their waste. They probably have several kilos of paper waste every day =( is there hope for the human race? I had that kind of day, a little... thank god there were nice positive people around in the library or I would have turned into a grumpy cloud.

Lunch with mah cutiepie :')


Going to the hairdresser in Hungary

Product/service chosen: simple haricut.

Standard procedure:
Hair wash with scalp massage: 18 minutes.
Haircut: 4 minutes 30 seconds.
Blowdrying and straightening of hair: 30 minutes.

Total time required: 52 minutes and 30 seconds.
Price: good.
Result: just fine...

4 centimeters off the length and refresment of face framing hair.
Conclusion: nobody will notice a shiet.
Personal comment: mmmh fresh ends mmmhhh.



My favourite salad, 1½ portions: 3 tomatoes, 75g salad or spinach, 40g feta cheese, 2 radishes, a couple of olives, lemon juice sprinkle, a spoon of red wine vinegar and olive oil. Sour cream aside. Heavenlyyy



I came out from the gym and my bike was COVERED IN SNOW. Yeaahh!!!

It's time to compare my moi from September to now. I definitely see a difference and the scales do too, +1,5 kgs! Could it be muscle only? I'm going to try to take some photos any day now, I just need some daylight.

If you're tired as ass of reading about my school results stop reading now! I got 81% on the physiology exam. That is fine... I promised myself that if I get above 80% I'm allowed to trim my hair at the hairdresser so I'm doing that on Thursday :D me thinks it is becoming necessary. If you remember... my first out of the three physiology exams was terrible, 54%... I don't know!? Anyways we have a chance to re-take any one of the three exams in the next week so I'm going to do that and see if I can get the higher grade in the course (4).



For three days now I have been promised snow here in Debrecen by klart.se, but when it gets too close they keep postponing it one more day one more day. Today we had 4 degrees and rain - all of it could have been SNOW. I need snow now! Couldn't be more jealous of all the snow in Sweden... and you guys over there have -18°C too! At least according to klart.se... please share some

Oh when will I be wearing my fluffy winter jacket the next time? Old photos of winter back home.


"Flower wallpaper nails"

I searched on YouTube for some flower nail designs and combined them into this one. I'd love to paint roses on all of my nails but I have a physiology mid term exam tomorrow sooo... ring finger will have to do! The base polish is China Glaze's "light as air". I hope I will have time for some sleep tonight because I've caught a cold. I put honey and lemon in my tea... it's so hard to drink now! How do people like this stuff :P



This morning I was like oh the air is so nice outside then it started raining just a little and I was like this aint gonna bring me down but then it really started raining and I found out that I carried no umbrella in my bag... and I'm thinking that this is what you get instead of snow in Hungary. Can anyone not prefer a little pretty squeaky white snow over this... dreary gloomy WET rain!? Not me! Missing Sweden!!

Happy (names?)day :D

So it was a surprise birthday get-together for Emilie :D her bestie arranged it. We were a bunch of happy kids hahah. Here are a few photos from my camera.

Emilie and I <3

Bendy and I = tequila shots every time hahah as you see we like it a lot

I finally wore these cutiepies!! From Zara lovelovelove


Scared and motivated

Apparently my anatomy group has abnormally high grades or something like that. For this reason the head of the department is planning to be one of our examinors in the next mid term exam (abdomen and pelvis)... our teacher told us that this was discussed during a meetning.

The thing about the head of the department is that he is the head of the department. Now, I don't like to phrase it like this, but this guy has the power. And it is a power that he does not mind using.

I know a few cases where a student passed his examination...
But this professor, if any, is known to come and cut down a forest full of trees as if it was made of toothpicks or cotton swabs. His examinations are like areyouagoodmedicalstudentareyousureIdontthinkso...... I've been there.

But what can we do... we can only try to prepare. He is always somewhere... every time there is an anatomy exam at least 10/300 students have him as an examinor. We poor students can only hope that he will go to another room than ours. But for me the probability of having him as an examinor is now 33% or more... because my subgroup has very, very good results so far...

Aaanyways BE SURPRISED - I am now going to the gym. Is there anything else that I share as often? I just love going to the gym!! Lately I'm noticing a great deal of progress too. Theeen I'm going to study until 21.00 before I attend some secret... secret... hmm I shouldn't risk revealing it to her ;D


Bad news your fridge sincerely

You know this feeling... you're having an exhausting day at school and it never ends and you just can't wait to get home and have a glass of milk...

Finally I'm home from school. But I'm out of milk. Life is hard.


Can't get enough...

... of the spring rolls that we cooked this weekend. It sure was a two man job! So gooood and now it's all gone...

Today we went to forum for a few hours. Dennis finally found his football shoes and I bought a cardigan. Should I post photos of what I buy here or is that annoying? I mean I would personally be interested in reading about shopping buuuut almost all of you guys are pretty anonymous so I don't know who you are or why you are here... I just know that you keep coming back... heheheh 



All my troubles seemed so far awayy. Started out with some studying at the library followed by baking of egg-free muffins at home. The cleaning lady was here... thank god. In the evening I joined to watch a local hockey game with the Norwegian girls; total outperformance... 12 - 1 to Debrecen, two fights and an ambulance. A nice change for my Friday evenings hahah. Afterwards we went to Bakelit, a music café/bar. I like it! I had a lot of fun. My camera was on charge so forgot it at home hehe... I wore the top that I made some time ago. It's so simple but I really like how it's chill and a little dressed up at the same time with the false necklace lining :D