Heey guys, merry christmas!

It's 5AM. I have not stayed up... I'm not abroad in a tropical country... I just really messed up my sleeping habits during the last week of school. This is my second christmas in Hungary, my first with Dennis. Instead of trying to sleep when we weren't tired "yesterday" (Saturday) Dennis and I played Medieval II until 10AM (Sunday). We went to gym at 11AM. Then to bed... Aaand in the end here we are, well rested.

Chrismas breakfast: we made spare ribs! Awawa marinated, they just came out of the oven! This evening we are cooking for Dollal and Hayaan, and maybe their roomie... guess what - pancakes with minced meat :DDD

Now: EAT! Then make my christmas present to myself. I'll document the progress. See you later

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