I woke up this morning and felt like I was on a different planet... sunlight!? What a pleasant surprise. Dennis and I walked downtown to check out the sale at Forum... to take a little break from the studies... not that we really deserve one... well aanyways I found a really cute jacket for the coming spring! And some other small stuff.

Oh I have been suffering... we went grocery shopping when stores opened up again after the christmas holiday here, and can you imagine... the super market was almost completely out of fresh milk. They had one single liter... which I bought... so for almost two days I was forced to survive on one liter of milk. I had to rely on orange juice and water for supplement. If you are used to having something in the way that I'm used to drinking milk... you know that supplements are not nearly satisfying. Gosh... I don't want this to happen any sooner so today I bought 10 liters =) yeahh

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