It's not uncommon to see me yawning at the gym, but today... zombie mode activated. At least the feeling after a workout is priceless.

You know something? I'm free! I passed anatomy, abdomen and pelvis today with 8/10, but question is... did I pass histology too? I'll find out tomorrow. I'm definitely on the border with histo here!

What else! Tomorrow is going wild day, I'm talking about partying..! I'm going to a dinner (I think) with group 5 (my anatomy group) and then I'm meeting up with my group (11) at a bar followed by going ouuuut!! Now I didn't discuss the last part with anyone in particular but I know for sure that the icelanders will go, and I mean, who doesn't want to go!?!

Now: waxing, some dinner and BEDTIME. Bedtime bigtime. I haven't slept since 10pm yesterday. Ahhhhh freedom.

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