Bitch pleaseee

BY THE WAY this other weird thing happened - was that Diana convinced me into taking a look at her favourite show Basketball wives LA. I did AND I like it, it's hilarious! It's one of those super stupid shows where everyone is talking behind eachothers back and bitchin here and there fighting making up going out for gossip-lunch throwing drinks bithurahoee... it's not the kind of show I usually watch, but this one... so funny.

There's another weird! The show made me feel sort of thankful that I have very little silly drama around me here (that I know of) hahaaa but then, this evening I found out that someone has been trying to convince people of that me and a friend in the class are/were having something going on. Repeatedly doing this. My friend has a girlfriend too. The four of us are confused... Of course I'm curious about whether the person was making it up or being convinced of what he/she was saying. I'll propably never find out because I'm embarrassed by the thought of asking... awkward... surprised.

Oh but if someone reading this could help me understand - for instance if somebody says "we had a disagreement but now she knows where I'm coming from", does that actually refer to where the person is coming from? Or is it a metaphor? Heheh

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