Seven days until I'm going back to Hungary, and Debrecen. Oh I don't want to leave my family... but I'm ready to start 2nd year. It's going to be tough, but we'll be getting into some real medicine stuff, I'm very excited! We will continue on human anatomy, histology and embryology (and the Hungarian language), and start physiology and biochemistry. Wihoo!

Last summer in front of the "Main building".


Metal on, metal off!

Freedom at last. My fellow brace-buddies, you know this feeling... it is so... smooth!! No more sprain strain correction headache and no more surprise snacks in your mouth!! No more abrasion! No more ugly metal! NICE TEETH! 26 months later... it is worth it :D

But I couldn't help but add some new metal too, the other day. A somewhat spontaneous act after some months of faintly uttered contemplation...

- Wanna check what they have in there?
- Nah, they close in three minutes...
- Oh but then we must hurry and go get our ears pierced!
- !??? Yes!?

This was basically our (me and Matilda) first dialogue on this matter. It appeard that we had both been wishing for another ear piercing, but never talked about it, so we went ahead (the morning after). We're quite elated! You may see the result on the last picture here.

Btw, anyone knows how to get rid of that "YouCam" stamp? :S



I had a great weekend! Me and my IB girls made some pretty strong wannabe-polski drinks and went out dancing. Sorry about the photo quality... phone camera :P

In this last photo you have my half Russian friend John. For those that did not know I am too, half Russian.

A nice day in April 2011

I was looking at old photos and found these from April 2011, when I was still in High School. This day was really warm and I went with my father to pick up a small boat that had drifted away from my neighbors lot...

This summer in Sweden (2012) has been the rainiest in more than 200 years. I feel like we didn't have nice weather for more than 10 days altogether... maybe 14. That's what you get sometimes.


Lesson learned?

Something funny happeded yesterday.

On our way to the summer place (by car), I asked my dad to drop me off 4km from home so that I would jog home. I do this sometimes, it is quite time effective. It was getting dark, time was about 9 - 10 PM.

1,5 kilometers from home there is a passage through the woods that is especially foresty and as I jogged through there I thought hmm sounds like a lot of animals and just then a baby moose walks up on the road.

Baby moose... oh shit where is mommy moose... and there, mommy moose. Two tonnes of moose curious about me just 20 meters ahead ohgosh I didn't dare do jog or walk any further. I have no idea what would have been the smartest thing to do if mommy moose had started walking towards me. Moose is friendly but very protective... and huge.

I was just about to call my dad when my two new friends walked back into the forest due to apperance of a car. Phew! Also wasn't just some car, but my dad. Super express? He wanted to check on me... just because; late hour, dark, some cars (hunters) parked by the road... just to be safe. Timing or what!!

Last week on almost the exact same spot a badger crossed the road before me, about 9 PM. In the future I will jog some hours earlier I think... or what next, Mr. and Mrs. Boar? No thanks heheh.


Update on this matter: My work out is going great and I FEEL GREAT. Best decision of my life! At the moment I'm up in five days of work out a week of either gym, jogging (or both) or swimming.

Results are visible and my stamina is improving fast, but what amazes me the most is the result on my knee (1 year post ACL reconstructive surgery), I can actually RUN, accelerate and sprint. I think I haven't been this fast since I damaged my knee... still not as fast as before the accident, obviously it's not like a healthy knee, but I have good hopes now that it can become so. In five years running hasn't been this good =)))


Heey so this whole blogger summer has been about... either I have no camera, or I have no computer; a bit ironic. But I finally bought a new laptop!! My poor HP may now go to rest after four years of service... and recurring death-rattles... I must say my HP fought well.

Did I ever tell you, or did anyone of you perhaps even have the chance to NOTICE, how  my computer got hacked, in Hungary?

I logged on blogspot and pressed "new post" but left my computer alone for 30 minutes for dinner. When I got back chinese fabric retailers had hacked my computer through this blog! They posted photos and text sort of "look at this CUTE fabric" or "look at this CUTE angry birds fabric" LOOOL and my computer was all crazy. I had to create a new user on my computer... which my boyfriend named "hejbajs", ("hipoo"). Thanks bro! Well especially after that my HP never really was the same again...

So now I have a computer - but no camera. I broke my mom's on our second day of stay in Paris (note: I LOVE PARIS!!!!!!!!!) and as for my own... I think left my charger in Hungary!? My camera is out. Yeah... so if you see a photo here, it's probably taken with my phone. Hehe.