Metal on, metal off!

Freedom at last. My fellow brace-buddies, you know this feeling... it is so... smooth!! No more sprain strain correction headache and no more surprise snacks in your mouth!! No more abrasion! No more ugly metal! NICE TEETH! 26 months later... it is worth it :D

But I couldn't help but add some new metal too, the other day. A somewhat spontaneous act after some months of faintly uttered contemplation...

- Wanna check what they have in there?
- Nah, they close in three minutes...
- Oh but then we must hurry and go get our ears pierced!
- !??? Yes!?

This was basically our (me and Matilda) first dialogue on this matter. It appeard that we had both been wishing for another ear piercing, but never talked about it, so we went ahead (the morning after). We're quite elated! You may see the result on the last picture here.

Btw, anyone knows how to get rid of that "YouCam" stamp? :S

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