Heey so this whole blogger summer has been about... either I have no camera, or I have no computer; a bit ironic. But I finally bought a new laptop!! My poor HP may now go to rest after four years of service... and recurring death-rattles... I must say my HP fought well.

Did I ever tell you, or did anyone of you perhaps even have the chance to NOTICE, how  my computer got hacked, in Hungary?

I logged on blogspot and pressed "new post" but left my computer alone for 30 minutes for dinner. When I got back chinese fabric retailers had hacked my computer through this blog! They posted photos and text sort of "look at this CUTE fabric" or "look at this CUTE angry birds fabric" LOOOL and my computer was all crazy. I had to create a new user on my computer... which my boyfriend named "hejbajs", ("hipoo"). Thanks bro! Well especially after that my HP never really was the same again...

So now I have a computer - but no camera. I broke my mom's on our second day of stay in Paris (note: I LOVE PARIS!!!!!!!!!) and as for my own... I think left my charger in Hungary!? My camera is out. Yeah... so if you see a photo here, it's probably taken with my phone. Hehe.

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