OH GOODNESS. I'm currently so bored by this examperiod. I just want to be in peace and chill and write my thesis. My anesthesiology exam is in nine hours and I can't be bothered to finish the material... but it shall be solved since I will do so, because I have to. Took the internal medicine exam (gastro/entero) and got a 4, as usual... it was the weirdest internal medicine exam so far... for instance the professor wanted me to refer to another student as "obese"... very peculiar. The neurology exam from before was no hooray but I passed and got a 3. No idea how well anesthesiology is going to go, it all depends on how far my energy will last this night/morning... but I'm clearly not feeling this subject and don't know why anyone would want to devote their life to something as stressful as anesthesiology. Thankfully, people as such do exist.

Photo from an anesthesiology class earlier this semester.



Back home from Paris. Yes so we went after all and I couldn't be happier. No wonder people fall in love with Paris and France... I'm enchanted by this place and can't wait to go back some day again. It's almost insane how cheap and easy it is to travel from Debrecen to Paris, you fellow citizens should check it out!! So that's where we spent our days around Chrismas in 12 - 15 degrees Celcius.

We stayed at one of my favourite areas, Montmarte, close to Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. It is not perfectly central as we had to walk for like an hour to go to the Eiffeltower or wherever, but I love the neighborhood and the prices are better there, too. Altogether we walked at least 60 km in 3 days, haha. We were there for 4 days but spent almost an entire day at the hotel for study-reasons. Sad but true...! It ended up to be the cosiest day though, the two of us and drizzling rain outside. And we had an amazing dinner in the evening mmmh can we rewind time please!?

My understanding of French is still very good (studied for 6 years until highschool), but when I speak there's only Hungarian coming out... My foreign-language brain has been invaded and occupied. Awkwaard because apparently I don't always notice that I start replying in Hungarian instead of French xD Ohh fantasies about being fluent in French and working as a doctor in Paris..!

By the way I was referred to as "madame" rather than "mademoiselle"! Aaaah whaat! I'm still "kislany" in Hungary which means "little girl" haha uhhh... maybe because Hungarian girls wear so much make up and I don't and look younger in comparison? Turning 24 here in a week after all.


Glad I asked

Some week ago, while sharing equipment with an acquaintance at the gym; the music is kind of loud and my hearing is already not the best:

- Wow Maria, you are really stressed.

I'm like, hmm... Not really feeling that stressed, maybe a little but trying to suppress it... but I probably look tired and maybe a bit tense...
- Yeah... I guess I am yeah.
- Well, at least you know about it.

A few seconds of silence... He probably means that if I know about it, I can deal with it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mhm... yep...

A moment passes by and something doesn't feel right...
- You said "stressed", right? That I look stressed?
- No I said, you are really shredded.
- aaaa SHREDDED heeeh well some days more some days less heeee I thought you said stressed hee-heee.....

Haha hello douchebag. I wonder how many conversations like these I'm having without knowing... I'm just glad that I asked...



Back in Debrecen. Had a wonderful week in Sweden... studied more than preferred of course (while being at home), but got a gorgeous couple of days at the countryside with my family and went to a lovely wedding :)

How did yesterday's neurology exam go!? Nobody knows... and they are not posting the results so far... Yikes... hopefully I scored something more than just pass.

Picked up a lipstick that I've been wanting for a looong time. It's always sold out... so I ordered it to Sweden before I went there... hihihi. It's Diva by MAC and a bit darker in real life, compared to the photos below.


Flash vs no flash

My goodness, at last some time to stop by here. Finished teaching for this semester and now free to start my thesis writing and study for the upcoming neurology exam. My gym card expired today so I've taken this as an excuse to stay at home the whole day heheh... would almost be a waste of money to buy a new month of membership since we are going to Sweden tomorrow for a couple of days..!

Took some progress photos today though, without flash for once. How big isn't the difference! Took one with flash too just to compare.

By the way, when fitness profiles on instagram film their exercises... the caption says "last exercise, last set, last reps" etc... Is it really more convenient to film at this point of the workout or is it an excuse to why the exercise isn't performed perfectly..? My curiosity has started to bother me! x)




Above is my preworkout meal from the other day, yeeh. Naa I don't usually do "preworkouts", but this was my meal before my workout, so basically it's my preworkout. I bought apricot jam and it's soooo insanely good. Maybe I'm way behind in the jam-jam but, really, apricot jam is the shiet.

I've held three immunology practices by now hahah. I'm not a perfect teacher and learn something after every class... but I have a feeling that I'm pretty good. The two groups I'm teaching are very very different, like the class climate/atmosphere is not the same at all. One of them is super interactive and you can tell that they are curious, whilst the other is more like... my own group hahah. Moslty listening and not too keen on answering questions, mumbling the answers. Interesting! Really fun to be a teacher for a while... I'm happy I decided to teach.

Now I'm gonna go get vaccinated against HPV (very late I know) aaand hit the gym for some triceps and some cardio. At least cardio, not sure how much the vaccination will hurt!? Update: I was strongly unadviced to do cardio so it's a rest day... this means... time for lussebullar 3:)


Past week

Monday: 40 minutes running, squats, triceps
Tuesday: chest, abs
Wednesday: nothing
Thursday: back, abs, 35 minutes running
Friday: nothing
Saturday: shoulders, abs
Sunday: biceps, squats, leg press (left leg only) PS was supposed to be hamstrings-day but my hands/grip was exhausted from chin-ups...


Upper lobe

The sky was incredibly beautiful the other day when I went downtown for a one-week check-up on my new ear piercing. I don't know if you happened to notice that I got a second hole on both of my ears, hehe. The first one a month ago. I wanted more ear piercings for so long..! Got a helix piercing in second year that I had to take out due to infection... and since then I've been weary... but finally hihi.


Current and a comment


"Maria works out so much without getting any muscles", yes I'm getting stronger without having a major increase in muscle volume... this is the case for most white females I think... and I'm very pleased with my tiny muscles thank you. I don't think that protein supplements would "help" me and even if they would I'm not interested in ingesting a powdered, dissolvable product full of artificial additives. I'm sure that the world incidence of kidney stones is increasing due to the high consumption of protein shakes...

"Maria has too much muslces" (it's funny how I get such a variety of opinions :D ) I think you should reconsider what is important in life. I'd rather have wider shoulders (and a much nicer posture) than be weak and unhealthy and contract chronic diseases at middle age. Arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease; only a few examples of what you can prevent or postpone with regular exercise. And what if the house you're in is on fire and you need to climb out the window? If you don't find a strong body visually appealing at least think of these things...

In 1st year of medical school I only "had time" to exercise 1 - 2 times a week, which I don't think was "bad" in any way because it was what I could handle then; the level that made me the least stressed. I gradually found more time for exercise because it became more important for me. You shouldn't feel restrained or forced to diet or exercise! Do something that amuses you, something you look forward to doing again. I like gym because it's versatile and allows you to sculpt your body. I also like mirrors.

 You have every reason in the world to work out, just find a level that you like.



Hard to pinpoint everything that I'm feeling. Sad, furious, scared... in shock.

What is happening?

Can't express enough how sorry I feel for the dead and injured, the people in Paris and France and everyone who lost someone today, because of terrorism.

Dennis and I might not travel to Paris over christmas... it is a christian holiday and I don't know if we could enjoy our time there in fear of further attacks... this is how I feel right now...



Everyone's left and right sides of their faces are different... but mine are really different. I like both sides, they have their pros, but seriously!

Left - right - left.


Like that yes

Nails painted and ready for a new week; the last week with classes this semester. So... I'm skipping psychiatry tomorrow. Hah!! No offense, it is an interesting subject, but if you only knew how torturous the classes have been... on one hand we can't communicate with the patients well enough and are dependent of continuous translation for 1,5 hours, on the other hand I can't look at the doctor because of the weird faces he makes when he is listening to the patient. He looks like an alien is hatching inside of him and that it tickles... thus despite the boringness of the class I can't help myself from laughing when I see him. And this is really bad because the patient probably thinks that I'm laughing at him/her, so I have to suppress it, which is physically painful. Conclusively, psychiatry has been utter torture.

The weekend was great. Got quite drunk but stopped drinking at the right time. Wasn't able to convince my friends that it was a good idea though haha... well we all survided until today.