OH GOODNESS. I'm currently so bored by this examperiod. I just want to be in peace and chill and write my thesis. My anesthesiology exam is in nine hours and I can't be bothered to finish the material... but it shall be solved since I will do so, because I have to. Took the internal medicine exam (gastro/entero) and got a 4, as usual... it was the weirdest internal medicine exam so far... for instance the professor wanted me to refer to another student as "obese"... very peculiar. The neurology exam from before was no hooray but I passed and got a 3. No idea how well anesthesiology is going to go, it all depends on how far my energy will last this night/morning... but I'm clearly not feeling this subject and don't know why anyone would want to devote their life to something as stressful as anesthesiology. Thankfully, people as such do exist.

Photo from an anesthesiology class earlier this semester.

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