Back home from Paris. Yes so we went after all and I couldn't be happier. No wonder people fall in love with Paris and France... I'm enchanted by this place and can't wait to go back some day again. It's almost insane how cheap and easy it is to travel from Debrecen to Paris, you fellow citizens should check it out!! So that's where we spent our days around Chrismas in 12 - 15 degrees Celcius.

We stayed at one of my favourite areas, Montmarte, close to Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. It is not perfectly central as we had to walk for like an hour to go to the Eiffeltower or wherever, but I love the neighborhood and the prices are better there, too. Altogether we walked at least 60 km in 3 days, haha. We were there for 4 days but spent almost an entire day at the hotel for study-reasons. Sad but true...! It ended up to be the cosiest day though, the two of us and drizzling rain outside. And we had an amazing dinner in the evening mmmh can we rewind time please!?

My understanding of French is still very good (studied for 6 years until highschool), but when I speak there's only Hungarian coming out... My foreign-language brain has been invaded and occupied. Awkwaard because apparently I don't always notice that I start replying in Hungarian instead of French xD Ohh fantasies about being fluent in French and working as a doctor in Paris..!

By the way I was referred to as "madame" rather than "mademoiselle"! Aaaah whaat! I'm still "kislany" in Hungary which means "little girl" haha uhhh... maybe because Hungarian girls wear so much make up and I don't and look younger in comparison? Turning 24 here in a week after all.

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