Above is my preworkout meal from the other day, yeeh. Naa I don't usually do "preworkouts", but this was my meal before my workout, so basically it's my preworkout. I bought apricot jam and it's soooo insanely good. Maybe I'm way behind in the jam-jam but, really, apricot jam is the shiet.

I've held three immunology practices by now hahah. I'm not a perfect teacher and learn something after every class... but I have a feeling that I'm pretty good. The two groups I'm teaching are very very different, like the class climate/atmosphere is not the same at all. One of them is super interactive and you can tell that they are curious, whilst the other is more like... my own group hahah. Moslty listening and not too keen on answering questions, mumbling the answers. Interesting! Really fun to be a teacher for a while... I'm happy I decided to teach.

Now I'm gonna go get vaccinated against HPV (very late I know) aaand hit the gym for some triceps and some cardio. At least cardio, not sure how much the vaccination will hurt!? Update: I was strongly unadviced to do cardio so it's a rest day... this means... time for lussebullar 3:)

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