Holy shit! Grabbed these Nike capris in Budapest and realised only when paying that they were 40% off. True love. True love!!!

Past week in exercise:
Mon: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats)
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, abs, deadlifts)
Wed: 7,2 km run
Thu: gym (back, hamstrings, abs)
Fri: Budapest
Sat: Budapest
Sun: Budapest
Mon: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats, abs)
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, deadlifts, abs)
Wed: rest...

I was planning to go running today but ended up watching a few episodes of Vikings with Dennis instead, heheh... Then it got so dark, and cold, and late for that matter... so I'm postponing that for tomorrow.

Baking kanelbullar at this moment! You can find my master recipe here (link).


Still giggling when I think of our weekend in Budapest. It was epic. Of course it was raining the whole time but that hardly ruined anything. We shopped for make up instead of touristing about. On Saturday we met up with this medical student (from Budapest) that I know from Instagram. HAHA. Sounds stranger than it was. At first we had a super nice dinner at a greek restaurant, this followed by pre-party at his (instagram-guy's) house and out clubbing. Ate the world's most ridiculous ripoff burgers on the way home. Weeell.


Good student

Preparing a presentation at this moment... so stepped in here to say Hi. Tut tut tut, baaad blogger. We're having meetings with the research group every Friday now and I'm going to present the theory behind my upcoming project tomorrow.

By the way, looks like I'm going to be a teacher after all, haha. So you guys in 3rd year general medicine, heads up, I will be responsible for two groups during the laboratory practicals weeks 12 - 15. Looking forward to it!

Coming weekend = BUDAPEST with the girls. CAN'T WAIT.


One more of

Home early from a night out. Had a lot of fun but I'm going to bed pissed. Hehe -_____- Pics from this week.


That week

Past week in exercise:

Mon: outdoor gym + 3km run
Tue: gym (chest + triceps)
Wed: nothing
Thu: 60 minutes swimming
Fri: gym (shoulders, biceps, deadlifts)
Sat: rest
Sun: gym (back, squats, abs)

Yes Eleni and I went swimming! Swam for just over an hour mmmhh sooo nice. Later realised that I had left my cap + swimming goggles by the pool but by the time that I went to get them (some 30 minutes later) the goggles had already been stolen. Although my cap was still there... Thanks a lot kid, hope your mama finds out!!!


5th year!!!

Heyyy! Back in Debrecen. Seems like each year only gets more and more interesting... first week of 5th year was really fun and inspiring. So that was that!

Celerbrated Eleni last night and woke up kind of okay. Not well enough for a handstand, but pretty good. Baking bread at this moment! Waiting for the loaf to rise a bit before I put it into the oven. Mmmm home baked bread. It's also a revolutionary day because Dennis is cooking for us! Yes indeed! He's making goulash soup, exciting much. Level of truth = 100%.


What really happened

What really happened in eight months - I got tanned, or "brownier" as Hungarians say. Haha but really, this is my ~ half-year progress.

The photo in January was taken right after the exam period (= stress...) so my body fat is lower, 56,5 kg's. I'm 58 kg's to the left, bit more than ususal.

Maybe someone thinks this progress is... so slow... nowhere near those "transformations" you see on Instagram... exactlyyy. This is how I want my progress to be. Slow, healthy and natural. I work out as much as I find time for, usually 4 - 6 times a week of whatever exercise I feel like, and take no protein or carbohydrate supplements whatsoever. No energy this-that-shiet. Maybe I'll change my mind some day!? But this is what I find sustainable :)))



Thank you Nelly.com for the opportunity. I saw on Instagram that we seemed to be about 100 girls that got contacted to promote their fall campaign and it was fun being part of it. We were given some money to shop for and I got this dress (link) that is sooo me haha.. you surely get why. Can't wait to wear it this fall.



We went fishing but didn't get shiet! Some crayfish in a bag though, bubbling and cursing on the train home. I have so much fun with you <3