What really happened

What really happened in eight months - I got tanned, or "brownier" as Hungarians say. Haha but really, this is my ~ half-year progress.

The photo in January was taken right after the exam period (= stress...) so my body fat is lower, 56,5 kg's. I'm 58 kg's to the left, bit more than ususal.

Maybe someone thinks this progress is... so slow... nowhere near those "transformations" you see on Instagram... exactlyyy. This is how I want my progress to be. Slow, healthy and natural. I work out as much as I find time for, usually 4 - 6 times a week of whatever exercise I feel like, and take no protein or carbohydrate supplements whatsoever. No energy this-that-shiet. Maybe I'll change my mind some day!? But this is what I find sustainable :)))

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