Holy shit! Grabbed these Nike capris in Budapest and realised only when paying that they were 40% off. True love. True love!!!

Past week in exercise:
Mon: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats)
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, abs, deadlifts)
Wed: 7,2 km run
Thu: gym (back, hamstrings, abs)
Fri: Budapest
Sat: Budapest
Sun: Budapest
Mon: gym (shoulders, biceps, squats, abs)
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, deadlifts, abs)
Wed: rest...

I was planning to go running today but ended up watching a few episodes of Vikings with Dennis instead, heheh... Then it got so dark, and cold, and late for that matter... so I'm postponing that for tomorrow.

Baking kanelbullar at this moment! You can find my master recipe here (link).

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