Long time no fitness-post

So I can't remember if I shared detailed fitness goals here, for 6th year. But someone asked me about it this summer, and I told him that my goal for the coming year is to keep and maintain what I have. He was confused.

I didn't really know how much exercise I would have time for, with everything going on - moving out from Debrecen, Finland, travelling, exams - so I thought that it'd be too much to ask of myself to have any particular progress. Which is alright, but I realised this week that I'm done with that. Despite everything, I've actually kept an average of 5 workouts per week, but with some sort of mindset that I'm chillin' at the gym and not improving because I'm "so busy". Excuse me, me, but 5 times per week is perfect and besides, why not make the time spent at the gym WELL spent?

Enough with lazy exercising, (lol?) I have a few specific goals already:
- muscle ups! (me and Roy have a bet that we have to learn it by the end of March, haha)
- pistol squats, so hard for me, especially on my operated leg. Gonna learn it!
- crossfit moves in general, I barely know the names of the exercises so not going to try and name more.
- stronger triceps and biceps, my triceps particularly are so tiny, is it genetics??
- stronger obliques. Please, google "strong obliques". Don't know why I didn't bother to do oblique-dominant exercises before.
- more cardio. You've heard it before, an old goal which I am consistently unsatisfied with. The reason is that I want a strong and vascularized heart muscle and a good oxidative burst regularly.

Photos below are now, compared to January 2016. Minor difference. I've improved on my core strength this year and did a new PB in deadlifts (85kg) this summer, and developed my quads a bit, but that's all I think. In a year! Got a bit weaker in pullups and squats, ajajaj.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: rest/day before psych exam
Tue: gym (biceps, chest, hamstrings, obliques, 10 min intensive running)
Wed: gym (triceps, squats, abs)
Thu: nightshift/restday
Fri: crossfit class (learned how to snatch!)
Sat: gym (shoulders, deadlifts, abs)
Sun: gym (obliques, 2 km barefoot running, front squats)


Late night bs

Im so sick of studying!!!! Here I am in Debrecen, alone, Saturday night, STUDYING. Drowning in pediatrics. I want to party for a year straight right now. I'm young NOW life is happening NOW but I'm right here. This is what I do for my future me. Then, I'm going to take my doctor money and party.

And I'm so sick of "the perfect female body" with silicone boobs. Why does everyone act like our body is supposed to look like that, you know what I refer to. Silicone was PUT INSIDE these women. Why are women jealous of other women's silicone boobs, why do women with natural breats feel inferior to the point of SURGERY and wearing plastic INSIDE the body. Where is our self respect women???? What???

Do you know what I'm thinking when I walk through a crowd? I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit. Because I am, as I am. As is anyone who wants to be.


Nem muködik

I realised in vain that I need a stamp from the university before I can take the pediatrics exam, and bought a new, earlier flight ticket. But about 30 minutes before departure the airport announced that all flights are cancelled. It was too windy. Damn it Swedish climate. I managed to get an exam date one day ahead but... the stress!! And lost study time!!! Sigh.

By the way I had plastic surgery. JK but I had five fibromas/moles removed with CO2 laser in Stockholm at a plastic surgery clinic. It was pretty cool. No, no botox yet but maybe next year. Visited Bazyl in Uppsla in the same ronud. Poor guy had to prepare for a presentation haha, but it was really fun to see him.

By the way again, I got a job for the summer! At the Oncology clinic as last year but this time as a doctor. IF our application (me working as a doctor before graduation) is approved by socialstyrelsen. Pretty pleeease.

Gotta get back to the lovely pages of pediatrics. PEACE.


New new new year in the calendar

You are who you are, character develops very early in life. But skills are dynamic and habits are not set in stone. EFFORT makes you improve. Thinking, planning, practicing and actually doing things.

January 1st is a date in the calendar.

Who wants more facts? Who disagrees with my facts?

2017 is the year that I will graduate!! And my 25th birthday is tomorrow. These things feel insane to me. Truly, I'm just another homo sapiens... but to ourselves, our life is a pretty big deal. Everyone don't get to turn 25, and I'm very thankful for my existence. Thank you to everything that made me happen, I like it.

Some things that I'm working on currently, and for the coming year:

- Studying more, especially emergency medicine which I feel obliged to know much better than I currently do. Because... this knowledge is probably what will matter the most in my career, to others, and I want to be able to help someone critically ill. Not panic myself and make unneccesary mistakes.

- Be less messy at home. I'm a pig. I'm aiming for piglet and finally an orderly adult person. ?

- Eat less meat and more protein from alternative sources. Drink less milk though as high lactose
consumption is linked to increased overall mortality, bone insufficiency and some cancers. Why!!!!!

- Maintain my current fitness-level but include more cardio (for the heart, and general health) and
maybe make my bodyweight exercises more difficult, for instance adding a bit of weight to pullups.

- Not touching my skin as I easily get acne and acne gives scarring...

- Going to bed earlier, which I think is improving to a certain extent :D

Lastly, what happened to the blog sidebar?? I can't get it up!