Long time no fitness-post

So I can't remember if I shared detailed fitness goals here, for 6th year. But someone asked me about it this summer, and I told him that my goal for the coming year is to keep and maintain what I have. He was confused.

I didn't really know how much exercise I would have time for, with everything going on - moving out from Debrecen, Finland, travelling, exams - so I thought that it'd be too much to ask of myself to have any particular progress. Which is alright, but I realised this week that I'm done with that. Despite everything, I've actually kept an average of 5 workouts per week, but with some sort of mindset that I'm chillin' at the gym and not improving because I'm "so busy". Excuse me, me, but 5 times per week is perfect and besides, why not make the time spent at the gym WELL spent?

Enough with lazy exercising, (lol?) I have a few specific goals already:
- muscle ups! (me and Roy have a bet that we have to learn it by the end of March, haha)
- pistol squats, so hard for me, especially on my operated leg. Gonna learn it!
- crossfit moves in general, I barely know the names of the exercises so not going to try and name more.
- stronger triceps and biceps, my triceps particularly are so tiny, is it genetics??
- stronger obliques. Please, google "strong obliques". Don't know why I didn't bother to do oblique-dominant exercises before.
- more cardio. You've heard it before, an old goal which I am consistently unsatisfied with. The reason is that I want a strong and vascularized heart muscle and a good oxidative burst regularly.

Photos below are now, compared to January 2016. Minor difference. I've improved on my core strength this year and did a new PB in deadlifts (85kg) this summer, and developed my quads a bit, but that's all I think. In a year! Got a bit weaker in pullups and squats, ajajaj.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: rest/day before psych exam
Tue: gym (biceps, chest, hamstrings, obliques, 10 min intensive running)
Wed: gym (triceps, squats, abs)
Thu: nightshift/restday
Fri: crossfit class (learned how to snatch!)
Sat: gym (shoulders, deadlifts, abs)
Sun: gym (obliques, 2 km barefoot running, front squats)

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