Modulatory functions

Yoyoyo. That's that for Debrecen this time. Had an exhausting last day at Gynaecology practice, but it's finally over. So glad that I probably don't have to do all 5/5 weeks here...

Got a 4 in the pediatrics exam and a 5 in psychiatry. Would have liked a better grade in pediatrics of course but I think it was a fair grade based on my performance, I wasn't excessively prepared for neonatology, which was one of my topics so... Yesss...

Printed my thesis!!!

Off to Finland tomorrow. Will do 3 months at internal medicine (mainly cardiology) as a "hospital doctor". I would have liked to want to go out tonight, but I'm so, so tired.... I doubt that I will even go to the gym. And I have to pack and clean and wake up at 5.30 AM... I wish I wanted to. We shall see.

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