Merrell in my H

My phone camera can take decent pics at times, but oh not today - beware of extraordinary picture quality.

Learned a lot this week. Spent 3,5 days at the cardiology department and 1,5 days at the ER. Usually I don't sleep well when I'm feeling stressed, but... well firstly I have been mentally exhausted before bedtime... but the stress at work doesn't make me anxious, like a big exam does for instance, rather excited... scared sometimes but, I saw and treated a neurotic angioedema yesterday, how rare and cool is that!!

I've been to gym Tue, Wed, Fri this week so far - not bad. Can't wait to go tomorrow. My new shoes are minimum cushioning "barefoot feel" running shoes. Oh, oh, oh, this is exactly what I've been looking for. So glad that I din't go with Nike again. My previous Nike Free Run 5,0 were also pure love... but I needed new shoes, and the updated Free Run's are squishier and softer... I rather wanted something stiffer, as close to barefoot-feel as possible, and found these from Merrell. Hell, I have no idea of the name of the shoe, all I remember is a strange name, too advanced for it's own good. Hard, ergonomic shoes strengthens the bones and muscles of the foot, and give more knee stability (no wiggle to the sides), thus also great for weightlifting. And these are 10/10 comfortable. PEACE.

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