I'm socially exhausted, in a very lonely way. I go to work, mostly have lunch alone, work over-time because I'm so slow with paperwork... spend two hours at the gym, eat and sleep. Oh and shop online.

I'm a social animal, really. I need my giggle, attention and gossip. Dennis has been away for two weeks and it is well enough. Saw Dollal and Nora this weekend for a fika, yay, but I can't live off a 50 minute fika! Spoke with my mom on the phone for some hour. How am I going to socially survive when medschool is over? What is going to happen!? Dennis, we must never be apart, you are stuck with me. DENNIIIIIS.

I'm almost speaking to strangers at the gym. And gym really saves me by the way. The feeling after exercise, as right now, oh it's so good... and I've noticed on occasions when I haven't exercised for two or three days, like during exams or travelling or viruses for instance... that I get angry! Mad and insulting things and people in my head, haha. I wonder if that is a deficiency of something, like some sort of withdrawal... or an excess of something waiting to be consumed.

Bla bla bla! Well I don't have a social life, so where else would I share it.

By the way, I ordered these tights from Gymshark. I have their flex leggings from before which may be the most comfortable gym tights I've ever owned. So eventually I got these too, but I actually ordered cropped ones, capris... they sent me full length by mistake. So I wrote an email, and they sent me new capris and let me keep these. That is actually really good service, no wonder Gymshark is becoming a big brand quickly. This model is not nearly as comfortable as the flex leggings though. These are a bit too short on me and tend to ride down around the crotch area, like most tights do in my opinion. Now I have two pairs, they look good but I wouldn't order more colours. Bla bla bla :)

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