Fantastic, the last biophysics test went well and I can probably go home to Sweden a week earlier than I expected! Also I have had a nice session at the gym today; then I got home and put together some home made hamburgers. Aaahhwhwh.



A nice day! Dennis and I went shopping for a few hours, and now we're going to cook something. And I have been on Skype with a dear friend. Nice day! Relaxation spoils me I think...


Went out dancing with Bendy last night and wooo we had so much fun!!
Can't wait till the christmas holidays. Can't wait till I go home to Sweden and see my famiy and my friends!


Avoiding people

Do you also actively avoid someone?

I don't want to study by myself anymore, where I used to prefer to study... so annoying!! And I feel like I can't even disguise all the discontempt that falls over me as "the it" occurs in front of me again and again.

In my head I'm being unusually rude but I can't ask someone to leave me alone for the rest of my life, when they are just trying to be nice.



I was (becoming) late for the chemistry seminar but desired a toilet visit, so outside the library there's only one out of three toilets that has a hook to hang stuff on, exactly, so I'm very much thinking about that specific door to the toilet. Next up, the entire ladies room appears quiet and empty and I simply pull the door open, to encounter that poor girl sitting there. Though she was smiling and said it's okay. I sorrysorrysorry ran out of there.


I just wanted to blow my nose before I went out of the changing room (into the gym), so next up, the entire ladies room appears quiet and empty and I simply pull the door open, to encounter yet a girl sitting down, smiling "it's okay".

Claustrofobic girl, girl that forgets, girl that likes company, weak door, strong me, Hungary?
Is this enough to draw a conclusion?


What is waste

Clashing together, good things in high doses making a nasty mess, and people tend to be too proud. So anyways I'm glad that it's my hobby think a lot because sometimes someone might need a second opinion and I always, always for some reason have one.

Today I have not even been out of the house, except when I was tanning in the midday sun at the balcony, which doesn't count, so yeah this obviously feels comme si comme sa. Maybe I should go grocery shopping or something but I don't really need to, I only need to study, but that's also not true because I don't NEED to sit down all day like this.


Home number current

 There! As I have carried this good mood for some week, I shall now be sensible enough to provice my curious blog visitors with the ("promised") detail of my nest. Please observe that I took these photos more than a month ago. Nowadays everything is orange and... on the ground.

 The front side of the building. (I REMOVED THIS PHOTO). That gate makes an awful lot of noise.

Stairs (inside the building).

 Kitchen. Apparently it is all IKEA.

Living room. Never tidy like this, don't belive what you see.

 Bathroom. Laundry.

My bike. It is locked. No, it is not, I mean, from that place.



This catfriend of mine is Bendy. So glad that I met this girl. Oh and she actually also went to the International Baccalaureate for High School, only in Ghana.

This was our first holiday since summer, two days off, except that its really one day as we have to attend school at saturday to make up for the lost lectures. Ahahahah...