Photos after gym yesteday...

As you see summer has come to Debrecen! Iiiiih! Today we had rain of course but still 18 degrees when I left home this morning. Had a looong day but ended up going to gym with Dennis anyways for back and squats... and successfully registered at Orthopaedic Surgery for summer practice. Yes same place as where I'm at currently, I like it. 


Pics from Vanessa's birthday celerbration

Thank you all for last night, it was hilarious <3

Maxiskirt from Bershka paired with this top from Nelly. Simple sexy and comfy <3


Tick tick Monday!

Monday! Saw an interesting surgery today. Now I'm back home for lunch and waiting for Dennis to go to gym together.

Woke up at 10 yesterday to go running so I could have an efficient day... ran 7,6km, went home ate and CRASHED until 6 PM... so much for my efficient day huh! Haha... We're celerbrating Vanessa's birthday tonight but I'm really going to try and get my lab homework done in between.

Past days of exercise:

Wed: gym (back)
Thu: 8 km run
Fri: gym (shoulders, biceps)
Sat: gym (core, hamstrings)
Sun: 7,6 km run
Today's plan: gym (chest, triceps, squats, abs)

So the past days have been great because... looking back I see that I haven't had a day of rest for a while, and I have so much energy. I'm barely sore from yesterday's run. Also deadlifted 60 kg this week which is a new personal best. Yay :)



This was, hands down, the best international food day I've been to. The weather was amazeballs and everything tasted sooo good. My vote goes to Nigeria, Dennis and I got their food twice hahah... guys, fabulous job. Turkey won which surprised me, OK dishes were crazy but HELLO an established Turkish restaurant made them... kind of ruined the point since students are supposed to make the food... but the judges probably didn't know plus there are no rules against it...

Aaanyways Dennis and I crawled home so full that we ended up in a food coma for over three hours, not too bad for a nap. Thankfully we still got outselves to the gym for shoulders traps and biceps. Practice at orthopaedics was very interesting today too... must say - an excellent Friday.

Pics. Wore that dress, and sandals that Maria L. got me <3



Beeest upper back exercise out there. Have you tried if you can do one!? It's actually easier than you think.

Try hanging, can you do one? If not, fetch something to stand on. Jump up to the top position, bend your legs and lower yourself towards the ground. Try to go down as slowly as possible. Do a couple of these every time you are at the gym, your body will notice what's going on and you will get stronger really fast, believe me! If you do this seriously I give it a month until you can do your first pullup :) When I work my back I usually do 5 - 6 sets of pullups, where I do as many as I can. Last time I did 7, 7, 8, 7, 6, 4 pullups, for instance.

Past week in exercise:

Tue: gym (chest, triceps, legs posterior, abs)
Wed: gym (shoulders, biceps)
Thu: 3,5 km run + gym (shoulders, abs)
Fri: gym mini (squats + toes to bar)
Sat: nothing
Sun: gym (back) + 5,2 km run
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, shoulders, abs)


"I'm the wood"

Ah-haa, look who's up with the tupp!

Gumball was ridiculously hilarious, but we didn't even make it to the club and I zigzagged into a taxi at 12. Would try to go easier for.. uh the rest of my life and have more memories of my own. I remember my mouth moving and I listened to it thinking "wow, this is bullshit that I'm saying" and kept babbling on an on. For instance Firas told me "you're the man" and I was happily replying "no, I'm the wood". Haha mmm I don't know... I kept texting Dennis to come downtown but he didn't have a chance to leave THANKFULLY and helped me get into bed once I got home. I was apparently really funny. Next thing I know I'm waking up with a smile... but it's safe to say I didn't do shit yesterday. Had muchos nachos with Leo, gossiped half of the evening and sofa-cuddled the rest of it. At least I got to wake up early today and I'm going to try and make the most of it.

Some of the few photos that I took:



I'm supposed to study you know, but I just ordered a top (link) and a dress (link). Since I'm not supposed to shop I have to cut down on something to compensate for my expenditure, I'm taking this opportunity to give myself a really good deal...

I will not drink alcohol for a month, also I won't buy chocolate for a month - starting 18th of April directly after Gumball (reckless alcoholic event where we follow the tramline and drink at every bar). This is exactly what I need to get a strong start of the exam period and should save me at least 4 x 3000 forints, which covers the cost of my shopping.

I'm making this official for my concience, to argue for my purchase in these harsh times. To encourage myself and others to be healthier. Alcohol, chocolate (and shopping) rehab starts Saturday, until 18th of May minimum.

Sincerely, Maria

Classy photo of me and Vanessa from new years eve:


Tk tk nt-nt-nt

Went running today and it was incredibly warm... Requesting sprinkler action over here!! I say it's time to be concerned about the lawn because this heat ain't fair just like that.

Past week in exercise:

Mon: nothing/travel
Tue: gym (chest, triceps, squats, abs)
Wed: gym (shoulders, biceps, hamstrings)
Thu: 8,5 km run
Fri: gym (back, shoulders, abs)
Sun: nothing/lazy
Mon: 6 km run



Wow, I've had a lot to write about but no extra time. Yesterday I realised that the radiology exam is on Wednesday already, the whole time I thought it was on Thursday... I like radiology but I'm not like "oh I have an extra hour, how about reading some radiology"... The past week was great anyhow, had two small exams that went well, recieved the result for Nuclear Medicine which was a 4 so that was fine... can't really recall a lot of details but life is good.


Perfect breakfast

... Except Dennis was sleeping, of course. But it was truly a relax-feel breakfast. The weather is beautiful and the forecast says 20 sunny degrees in the next 10 days. Of course I have two exams coming up (Radiology, Orthopaedic surgery) but I will find time to spend outdoors, too. Regarding my sweet tulips, I brought them home yesterday as I could not resist their beauty. But poor tulips, after I bought them it took me over two hours to get back home and they looked so saaad... and I had to realise I don't even have a vase that fits a small bouqet of tulips. They look like they are feeling better today and I love them so much.



Back in Debrecen! I'm so excited about so much!! Like it's spriiingtime it's getting warmer I'm great I look great my family is well and healthy I love Dennis Dennis loves me research moving forward school moving forward I feel great I feel great I feel great.


As I don't have any photos representative of today or yesterday I shall share with you two old webcam photos. One of Dennis and I and one of, what has to be, my bitch face. It was taken last summer when I was feeling very jealous whilst Dennis was on his three week bro trip around Europe. No I'm not particularly jealous at all but what is now a funny story (to me) did make me jealous at the time. Sziaaa!

My "jealous bitch" face.


Light light

The weather went back to... normal weather hehe. So much for my tan that I had going! I'm aiming for some exercise tomorrow after four days on my butt... I just need a tiny bit of luck to have the sun coming to join me. As usual you have to be ready that you might not be able to recognize me after my intense toning session, but that's just how life goes by ya know.



I think I have otitis? But I'm muuuuch better in other. Weather was great today and the whole family is here... could not ask for more. Except for Privet... who has barely been here... I guess he's away looking for ladies.



I'm hoooome! Amazing. Only I caught some badass cold... started as a sore throat the day before we travelled... today I woke up feeling like a withered little flower. So fragile haha. I don't know, is the timing good or bad? I brought clothes to go running and was so excited about that... at the same time there's no better place to stay when you are sick. Would have sucked so hard to stay in the apartment in Debrecen like this.