Tick tick Monday!

Monday! Saw an interesting surgery today. Now I'm back home for lunch and waiting for Dennis to go to gym together.

Woke up at 10 yesterday to go running so I could have an efficient day... ran 7,6km, went home ate and CRASHED until 6 PM... so much for my efficient day huh! Haha... We're celerbrating Vanessa's birthday tonight but I'm really going to try and get my lab homework done in between.

Past days of exercise:

Wed: gym (back)
Thu: 8 km run
Fri: gym (shoulders, biceps)
Sat: gym (core, hamstrings)
Sun: 7,6 km run
Today's plan: gym (chest, triceps, squats, abs)

So the past days have been great because... looking back I see that I haven't had a day of rest for a while, and I have so much energy. I'm barely sore from yesterday's run. Also deadlifted 60 kg this week which is a new personal best. Yay :)

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