This was, hands down, the best international food day I've been to. The weather was amazeballs and everything tasted sooo good. My vote goes to Nigeria, Dennis and I got their food twice hahah... guys, fabulous job. Turkey won which surprised me, OK dishes were crazy but HELLO an established Turkish restaurant made them... kind of ruined the point since students are supposed to make the food... but the judges probably didn't know plus there are no rules against it...

Aaanyways Dennis and I crawled home so full that we ended up in a food coma for over three hours, not too bad for a nap. Thankfully we still got outselves to the gym for shoulders traps and biceps. Practice at orthopaedics was very interesting today too... must say - an excellent Friday.

Pics. Wore that dress, and sandals that Maria L. got me <3

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