I'm supposed to study you know, but I just ordered a top (link) and a dress (link). Since I'm not supposed to shop I have to cut down on something to compensate for my expenditure, I'm taking this opportunity to give myself a really good deal...

I will not drink alcohol for a month, also I won't buy chocolate for a month - starting 18th of April directly after Gumball (reckless alcoholic event where we follow the tramline and drink at every bar). This is exactly what I need to get a strong start of the exam period and should save me at least 4 x 3000 forints, which covers the cost of my shopping.

I'm making this official for my concience, to argue for my purchase in these harsh times. To encourage myself and others to be healthier. Alcohol, chocolate (and shopping) rehab starts Saturday, until 18th of May minimum.

Sincerely, Maria

Classy photo of me and Vanessa from new years eve:

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