Photos from a lovely Saturday evening. Now the weekend is already over - whaat! But I'm entering the last week of work for this summer. Feels nice. I have some fun planned these coming days too with a few friends that I'm looking forward to a lot. Going to bed xxx


5/6 weeks

Starting my 5th week at the Oncology Clinic. Aah, how little I knew five weeks ago! I was an egg, now a sticky chicken ready to dry. Is how I feel.

Had the beeeest workout after work today (triceps and butt) and got the beeessst news when I got home. Ahhh I'm having a beer and I'm going to sleep like a... peaceful sticky chicken. Some selfies from the bathroom at work and PEACE.



Pics from today. Wowowoow what a summery day! Utterly unusual here in Sweden unfortunately, so I took it as a sign not to study a single second. Mah-mah-mah. Yes because I'm planning to take the neurology final in two months... Help me.



Past week in exercise:
Fri - REST
Sat - home gym (hamstrings, butt, abs)
Sun - 6 km run, countryside
Mon - REST
Tue - gym (shoulders, abs, deadlifts)
Wed - gym (back, abs)
Thu - gym (chest, triceps, 6 km run on treadmill)
Fri - REST

Five workouts this week, quite sore at this moment and content with that. Lost gains, fear not - I have you back with me almost! OH any my PHONE is also back with me! It broke and I turned it in for service over a month ago... finallyyy.

Löv you

Aaa what a busy week. Very efficient but... days are just disappearing. Dennis has only been home for a week and is going to Debrecen tomorrow and now I won't see him again for 5 weeks... and then for another 5 weeks... ueek WHY. We will be together at times but 6th year is definitely going to be different... more about that later...



Where did the sun go? Typical now that Matilda and her boyfriend are visiting me in a few hours. Prognosis says that it's going to clear up soon, which I'd prefer for we will grill to the thrill of the dill.


Båven blues

Took some pics tonight starting out on our lot, but the sun went down... I was hesitant to continue on the other side of the lake for the sake of exposing my vanity... because all neighbors are in their houses right now... but I decided that I didn't care enough. The lake was at peace after the rainstorm that had just passed by and I felt like... a soft piece of cotton... nice and calm and fluffy, just rowing around by myself.

The bikini is from Sommer Swim and I was dying to get it all spring and summer hehe. Elle top and rayder bottoms in "ontario".


Ah hellu

Heey. What a week! Slept a little learned a lot. So far I really like it at the oncology clinic and it is definitely an option for specialization in the future. Going to be there for 5 more weeks. And I've submitted my thesis ye! Finally. Now I'm just expecting some feedback before I can make the final adjustments.

I've been waiting to finish my thesis to start writing an abstract for an idea that I have that I want to try and patent. So that might come up soon... We will see how that goes :)

At the countryside now, so nice. Got dropped off on the way here and ran the last bit home.