I'm here

My bedtime hours are an absolute chaos. I've been studying physiology all "day" and now I'm off to bed... but first Dennis and I are going to watch a couple of episodes of Parks and Recreation. It's a hilarious serie, do check out. Until later


"recent" naildesigns

I haven't pained my nails for like a month, but yesterday I felt like drawing some fruits so I did some sort of nailart. The strawberries got a bit smudged when I applied the top coat huhu... I really associate lemons, watermelon and pineapple with summer.



Since I haven't updated until now, you guys probably suspected that I didn't pass the exam, but I did :D I knew 2/3 of my topics pretty perfectly (pyruvate dehydrogenase complex & iron metabolism) but could not present some details about the apoptosome complex/caspase cascade which were part of my last topic, so I got a 4. Luckily I did not get to have the same examinor as last time.

Theen later that day we had a little Swedish midsummer with BBQ at Joakim's place before we went to see Man of Steel at the Cinema. My group of friends had mixed opinions about the movie but ME I loved it. I love Sci-Fi, haha. And this was the first time that I really appreciated the 3D-effects, well done! Not to mention Henry Cavill in his role... DAYM. Some guys should not shave, apparently, because when he had that beard I swear he was a 10,5/10. So hotttt. Unfortunately I can't give him more than an 8/10 with a clean face.... anyways I enjoyed the movie so much that I can actually go and see it again. Serious. Although the final fighting scene was way too long and some romantic scenes overly cheesy.



I was like yay it's finally dark outside and I can exchange the hot air inside for some cool air from outside... and I opened all the windows for 15 minutes... but nothing was happening to the temperature... and I looked at the thermometer just now, it says 28 degrees inside and 27,9 degrees outside... well no wonder then...

We told our landlord that the AC smells bad. It is seriosuly attacked by mould or something because an AC is not supposed to smell anything in particular. Especially not horribly nasty. She replied "I don't think so...".... can't wait to get back to Sweden's highly unrealiable summer weather XD

Pictures from yesterday on our way to Interspar.


Okok I'm taking my b-chance on Friday... good luck to me. I had a look at my old blog yesterday and I found this list that I had made. I'm going to post it here, in an updated version because I thought it was funny... haha. Feel free to share if you would have to put a lot of y:es on this list.

[y] Chewing-gum has fallen out of my mouth when I've been speaking to someone
[y] I have walked into a glass door
[n] I once got lost in my hometown
[y] I have jumped out of a moving vehicle
[y] I laugh to myself when I think about weird things
[n] I have walked into a tree
[y] I have walked into a lamp post
[n] I once fell because I stepped on my own shoe lace
[y] People refer to me as slow
[n] I once forgot about my own birthday
[y] I sometimes forget what I'm talking about in the middle of a sentence
[n] I count simple math with my fingers
[n] I often break things
[y] I broke someone else's laptop
[y] I'm writing this list even though I'm supposed to do something important
[y] I have voluntarily eaten an insect
[y] I have laughed with milk in my mouth
[y] I sprayed someone with milk becayse I started laughing while having milk in my mouth
[n] I have gone to school on a holiday by accident
[n] Food is usually burnt when I cook
[y] I have hit myself in the head when opening a cabinet
[y] I have hit myself in the head during sexytime
[y] I have hit someone else in the head during sexytime
[y] I have put on clothes backwards or inside-out without noticing
[y] I have been looking eveywhere for something which I was holding in my hand the whole time
[y] I have fallen down from a chair
[n] A chair broke when I sat on it
[n] I have caused a traffic jam
[n] I hugged a stranger because I thought he/she was my friend
[y] I have caused a power outage concerning several families

TIHI. Charming picture time:



you're all coming in to see how it went and I failed.
I told the examinor everything I knew about prostaglandins.. their synthesis where how types what they do etc, but I didn't prepare much to talk about the mechanism of the anti-inflammatory response and could not deliver what he wanted. There was something about thromboxane that I didn't know too. So I only got to talk about 1/3 topics... they were good topics I think.

A lot of people said they did not have to go very detailed in the exam but he asked me pretty much everything (from the lecture slides). I had the head of department Fesus-guy.

Don't know when I want to take the exam again... I'm scared to miss out on something if I get the same guy two times in a row. My advice is just to make sure that you know everyhing :| be able to talk around the clinical "minimal" questions too, for instance he asked me and the other girl in my room about other "related pathways" or deficiencies causing similar symptoms.



I never actually SAW my wrists/hands produce sweat before I think. I was completely soaked after the spinning session that I went on yesterday with Tímea. Last week she insisted I should join her and try spinning and I felt like yeah why not. I don't do a lot of cardio and it's probably very good for my knee (had plastic surgery of my left ACL ~two years ago). Maehn it was some tough 50 minutes haha. A nice change to my leg workout at the gym and I will go again some time, but maybe not until next semester since I'll be travelling home soon (or will I?!?!?).

Hmm I still have not covered everything in biochemistry... but Dennis made some pretty awesome notes back in Sweden of the Tissue and Organ biochemistry... quite pleasant reading after having struggled with lecture slides all these days.

Other than that... can't wait till he comes back here lol. He doesn't like when I take photos of him but here's one when he's checking on me to see if I'm studying, haha!


Gimme some sugar

Today Bendy and I studied for a few hours at the "main" university building and I really liked it in there. I don't know why I haven't gone there to study before, hahah, I live so close to school too?! We had dinner at Melange after so I don't have to cook tonight. Wohooo.

Me and an ice coffee from the nearby Pepe Panini hihii.


Sssup. Saw Hangover 3 with some friends tonight which was a lot of fun! But now I have to study again. But I have to cook something too because I didn't have a proper meal after I got home from the gym since I had to take a shower and run to the taxi immediately... I don't even feel like cooking... I want to bake donuts :| those donuts in the photo is from some week ago and don't exist no more.


Don't leave mee

Heyy. I'm a chicken. I moved my biochemistry to the 13:th... that way I should be able to cover everything....... I was seriously anxious last night and couldn't sleep and I ended up going online to change my date like 6AM in the morning.

Those of you who are on biochemistry right now, do you also have the feeling when you go through some of the topics that "I have never seen this information before"!? And I'm mostly just doing the lecture slides.. mahgawd why did my memory throw biochem into the trashcan...



First day alone. Good one!

Went through a couple of topics effectively so far and stopped by the gym for some maintenance. Now I finished my dinner = chicken with mungo beans. In English I think they're just called mung beans but the packaging said MUNGO which is more amusing so I'll stick with that.

Here comes a list of "take action" that I shall submit to before I finish the cell biochemistry today:

- byebye nice nails
- shower

I admit the list is not very long. It too is a good one.


Two things that bother me

1. Bad-skin-PMS. Those of you who were with me in late primary school and high school know that I did not have completely clear skin hardly ever for about four years. Puberty has now done it's job and I'm free :) except the few days before an upcoming menstrual period... Spots appear from absolutely nowhere on my poor recovered face. If there is a hell then I wish to send my spots there.

2. Being alone. On Wednesday Dennis is going home to Sweden and he will stay there for a WEEK to celerbrate his brothers' graduation and... study until he has to come back for his biochemistry exam. I am going to be alone for a WEEK.

Here's a song that gives me shivers and makes me weep, from one of the best movies evah:

DIY: fringed + studded shorts

Heyy again. I finished making these shorts several weeks ago and then I waited to get some nice weather to take the photos outdoors... However the nice weather never came, why the quality of the photos is not too good out in the cloudy weather. Weelll....

I decided to distress these shorts since I never wore them because of a weird (coffee?) stain on the side. Just like with the scallop top (link), haha. Don't ask me where I get these stains, I don't have a clue, but I hate stains and I can't stand wearing clothes that have a stain.

The big difference with distressing these shorts compared to jeans shorts was that the fabric here was partly elastic. This is to keep in mind if you want to do a similar project where the fabric is not stiff denim material. When you distress denim you can sort of just make some cuts and throw the object into the washing machine, it will come out thready and awesome. But when working with elastic fabric the shorts will look almost the same as when you threw them in. So think about doing every detail to the extent that you would wear it as it is - thus you have to do the washing machines' job, too.

Nevertheless... I'd like to say that I'm fully satisfied with the result but I actually feel like removing the studs in the front. But I'm scared that there will be permanent marks there now, haha. Should I add more or what do you think...


About "dieting" to get in shape

I want to say what I currently think about dieting, because friends brought it up many times lately and I thought about it.

F*ck dieting. Most people don't really need it to get in shape. It is well enough to exercise regularly. Please respect yourself and eat what makes you happy. It's a problem that people want to see results immediately because I think this is what often causes unhealthy behaviour even though the goal is to be healthier.

#eatclean ?? what does that mean anyways? I hope it means cook food at home. The fitness-hype has gone too far with classifying food as "bad food". No wonder people get stressed around eating.  Next time you think about food as bad food, please stop and give an actual reason to why it's bad.

Bread, rice, pasta - is not "bad". Why is it bad? You have to eat other products to obtain enough vitamins and minerals, but those do not contain enough energy for the day. Also if you want your brain to function properly you should know that it runs primarily on carbohydrates. "White" carbohydrates should not be eaten without fibres because they would move slowly through the intestines, which is not healthy.

Cold-pressed vegetable oil is not bad. It actually has good amounts of essential fats like omega-3 and carries vitamin content as well. If you want to restrict your fat intake then cut those that contain high levels of cholesterol.

Fast food is bad. Many times it contains loads of shitty stuff to prevent the raw ingredients from being spoiled and it's cooked in 1000-fold reheated dirty oil... all to increase profits of the company. If you make a pizza, hamburgers or fried chicken at home this is actually really healthy food. Think about the contents and motivate pleaseee.

I've heard about so many weird diets now. Eat only that and in this order and at this time... whaaat. Think reasonable. For those who want to lose weight - if you use up more energy than you take in, you will lose weight. But you don't need a hocus-pocus mumbo-jumbo-diet to succeed. If you didn't work out before, or not so much, an increase in exercise with the same food intake will get you in to shape. It's logical right??

But hey - from another perspective - I tried to lose weight once too, in the beginning of my 3rd year of high school. I had quite a lot of alcohol and gained about 5kg, which I didn't find flattering. I started to go jogging in the mornings and decided to skip carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch every second day. In retrospect my diet was too agressive. Effective yes, but once I was satisfied and went back to eating normal again (appx. 2 months) I kept losing weight. It was frightening. I have a theory that maybe after two months my body decreased the number of active channels for carbs so my GI-tract couln't absorb more. I have realised that exercise alone would have been enough to get me to where I wanted.

Dieting is not good because it disturbs the balance of the body and makes you moody and sad. Why do that to yourself when you don't even have to? Don't think like one year or two years is a lot. Insted enjoy the exercise while you do it. See how you become stronger and sharper, watch your body develop, check out hot people at the gym and feel gooood. You will be happier and you will get where you want.

Imagine this exact day but a year ago, it was a regular day like today... what if you started that day, where would you have been now? AND that is not what matters, but what does matter is that you can start any day... to get where you want and suddenly you will be there. But f*ck dieting. =)

Here's me today after three years at the gym: