Okok I'm taking my b-chance on Friday... good luck to me. I had a look at my old blog yesterday and I found this list that I had made. I'm going to post it here, in an updated version because I thought it was funny... haha. Feel free to share if you would have to put a lot of y:es on this list.

[y] Chewing-gum has fallen out of my mouth when I've been speaking to someone
[y] I have walked into a glass door
[n] I once got lost in my hometown
[y] I have jumped out of a moving vehicle
[y] I laugh to myself when I think about weird things
[n] I have walked into a tree
[y] I have walked into a lamp post
[n] I once fell because I stepped on my own shoe lace
[y] People refer to me as slow
[n] I once forgot about my own birthday
[y] I sometimes forget what I'm talking about in the middle of a sentence
[n] I count simple math with my fingers
[n] I often break things
[y] I broke someone else's laptop
[y] I'm writing this list even though I'm supposed to do something important
[y] I have voluntarily eaten an insect
[y] I have laughed with milk in my mouth
[y] I sprayed someone with milk becayse I started laughing while having milk in my mouth
[n] I have gone to school on a holiday by accident
[n] Food is usually burnt when I cook
[y] I have hit myself in the head when opening a cabinet
[y] I have hit myself in the head during sexytime
[y] I have hit someone else in the head during sexytime
[y] I have put on clothes backwards or inside-out without noticing
[y] I have been looking eveywhere for something which I was holding in my hand the whole time
[y] I have fallen down from a chair
[n] A chair broke when I sat on it
[n] I have caused a traffic jam
[n] I hugged a stranger because I thought he/she was my friend
[y] I have caused a power outage concerning several families

TIHI. Charming picture time:

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