I never actually SAW my wrists/hands produce sweat before I think. I was completely soaked after the spinning session that I went on yesterday with Tímea. Last week she insisted I should join her and try spinning and I felt like yeah why not. I don't do a lot of cardio and it's probably very good for my knee (had plastic surgery of my left ACL ~two years ago). Maehn it was some tough 50 minutes haha. A nice change to my leg workout at the gym and I will go again some time, but maybe not until next semester since I'll be travelling home soon (or will I?!?!?).

Hmm I still have not covered everything in biochemistry... but Dennis made some pretty awesome notes back in Sweden of the Tissue and Organ biochemistry... quite pleasant reading after having struggled with lecture slides all these days.

Other than that... can't wait till he comes back here lol. He doesn't like when I take photos of him but here's one when he's checking on me to see if I'm studying, haha!

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