DIY: fringed + studded shorts

Heyy again. I finished making these shorts several weeks ago and then I waited to get some nice weather to take the photos outdoors... However the nice weather never came, why the quality of the photos is not too good out in the cloudy weather. Weelll....

I decided to distress these shorts since I never wore them because of a weird (coffee?) stain on the side. Just like with the scallop top (link), haha. Don't ask me where I get these stains, I don't have a clue, but I hate stains and I can't stand wearing clothes that have a stain.

The big difference with distressing these shorts compared to jeans shorts was that the fabric here was partly elastic. This is to keep in mind if you want to do a similar project where the fabric is not stiff denim material. When you distress denim you can sort of just make some cuts and throw the object into the washing machine, it will come out thready and awesome. But when working with elastic fabric the shorts will look almost the same as when you threw them in. So think about doing every detail to the extent that you would wear it as it is - thus you have to do the washing machines' job, too.

Nevertheless... I'd like to say that I'm fully satisfied with the result but I actually feel like removing the studs in the front. But I'm scared that there will be permanent marks there now, haha. Should I add more or what do you think...

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