Since I haven't updated until now, you guys probably suspected that I didn't pass the exam, but I did :D I knew 2/3 of my topics pretty perfectly (pyruvate dehydrogenase complex & iron metabolism) but could not present some details about the apoptosome complex/caspase cascade which were part of my last topic, so I got a 4. Luckily I did not get to have the same examinor as last time.

Theen later that day we had a little Swedish midsummer with BBQ at Joakim's place before we went to see Man of Steel at the Cinema. My group of friends had mixed opinions about the movie but ME I loved it. I love Sci-Fi, haha. And this was the first time that I really appreciated the 3D-effects, well done! Not to mention Henry Cavill in his role... DAYM. Some guys should not shave, apparently, because when he had that beard I swear he was a 10,5/10. So hotttt. Unfortunately I can't give him more than an 8/10 with a clean face.... anyways I enjoyed the movie so much that I can actually go and see it again. Serious. Although the final fighting scene was way too long and some romantic scenes overly cheesy.

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