you're all coming in to see how it went and I failed.
I told the examinor everything I knew about prostaglandins.. their synthesis where how types what they do etc, but I didn't prepare much to talk about the mechanism of the anti-inflammatory response and could not deliver what he wanted. There was something about thromboxane that I didn't know too. So I only got to talk about 1/3 topics... they were good topics I think.

A lot of people said they did not have to go very detailed in the exam but he asked me pretty much everything (from the lecture slides). I had the head of department Fesus-guy.

Don't know when I want to take the exam again... I'm scared to miss out on something if I get the same guy two times in a row. My advice is just to make sure that you know everyhing :| be able to talk around the clinical "minimal" questions too, for instance he asked me and the other girl in my room about other "related pathways" or deficiencies causing similar symptoms.

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