Two things that bother me

1. Bad-skin-PMS. Those of you who were with me in late primary school and high school know that I did not have completely clear skin hardly ever for about four years. Puberty has now done it's job and I'm free :) except the few days before an upcoming menstrual period... Spots appear from absolutely nowhere on my poor recovered face. If there is a hell then I wish to send my spots there.

2. Being alone. On Wednesday Dennis is going home to Sweden and he will stay there for a WEEK to celerbrate his brothers' graduation and... study until he has to come back for his biochemistry exam. I am going to be alone for a WEEK.

Here's a song that gives me shivers and makes me weep, from one of the best movies evah:


  1. Sorry that you'll be alone

    Maybe getting a five in your next subject will cheer you up!

    How did dennis study for neuro and physio, and finish so quick!!??

    1. Wassap. That would definitely cheer me up haha.

      I don't know who it is that's saying that he did BOTH in a week because he only did neuro. Today at uni someone asked the exact same question. So it's not true :P he has biochem on the 14th and physio 19th I think, he is studying physio at the moment.


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