And so,

What happened to the nice weather!? I had to go back to my coat after seven days of summer...

So histology was, as I suspected, alright. But no wonders made, I scored 7/10. Being the first histology exam I was so worried the day before we were getting our results back that I got up 04.50 in the morning to restudy the material in case I had to take a remedial. In retrospect I regret it but most likely I will do it again...

Molecular biology was much better with 36/40.

You may think that I've forgotten to report my cell biology; actually I'm not able to forget these things, as I think my life consists of at least 75% school at the moment... Well, for cell biology I didn't reach the passing level. =(

I've been very happy this week anyhow! Things are good in general, my cold is almost gone and tomorrow I'm finally going back to gym. I'm looking forward to school week 12 when we don't have a single exam!!


Impossible to learn everything

Saturday. I've been studying like a pig for the histology exam that we had this morning, which went alright I think, but despite my effort I failed to answer two questions accurately enough goddammitttt. I couldn't give an example of a loose connective tissue and wasn't able to distinguish the leukocyte in a healing wound tissue, just called it leukocyte, what I ment was lymphocyte, so my answer was not specific enough I realize, however looking through my notes I suspect it might even have been a macrophage...

I'm at home now and I'm going to bed again. I have a bad cold and my head is heavy. I need some rest before I start preparing for the molecular biology SCT that we have on Monday morning...



I got tingles when I went out on the balcony this morning, and I checked the thermometer - showing me 19 degrees Celsius in the shadow.

I walked to the gym in shorts and tank top and it felt just like early Swedish summer. Is that normal around here? Say 19 degrees and above equals summer; if this would last from now until late September, then there's summer in Hungary 6 months a year!? Blessed be this country.

Spent some time in the sun these days

Like my tan so far?


Weekend at last!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for Hungarian holiday. Started out this week with an exam in cell biology followed by an awesome party with my Group 11, best group ever!! I've been to the gym and spent the entire day outside today. BUT histology exam is coming up and I can't postpone this anymore.



When I hear strange, loud noises from machinery, aircraft or some other disorder, this feeling may sprout in me that Russia has come to occupy due to initiation of the third world war. Do you ever have these sort of thoughts?

I usually just put this nonsense aside. Who would fight a war that no one can survive.
What occurence could cause mass conviction and drive people to a cascade of hostile action, masked in such a word as "cause"?

Will there be causes? I want to doubt it. I have lived for 20 years with the spirit that warfare belongs to history books, it's something that we read about in school; that humanity had bad phases but is recovering towards respect, acceptance and peace; that we see stupidity in our previous actions and strive towards becoming only wiser and better.

These are my thoughts, whilst poverty has never been my reality.
Whilst I have hot water in a kitchen tap and healthcare when I need it.
Whilst I may speak what I think and recall autocracy as a newspaper article.
Whilst billions of people will never see the world as I do, because of where they were born.

Whilst my own home country is the worlds greatest weapon exporter, per capita,
with potential buyers such as Saudiarabia that strives towards becoming a "military superpower".

I think what a waste of resource to spend money on military these days, what a comedy; until I remember why "military powers" have ever existed, and that they still do.


A polite smirk

This week I had two anatomy exams, held two presentations and for tomorrow morning I must install knowledge about a several hours long laboration on fluorescence labelling... And I'll have to devote the entire weekend to cell biology for a self-control on Monday. Now that's seven thrilling days right there.


First anatomy self-control

At the University of Debrecen the midterm anatomy examinations are practical. One by one the students pick a random topic of what has been studied, and prepare for about 15 minutes before their knowledge is to be presented before an examinor, on a dissected cadaver. One is usually asked to either explain, identify, show, find or trace something or occasionally, to construct.

This Monday my exam topic was "proximal and distal radioulnar joints and the radiocarpal joint". All other students who also picked my topic got to demonstrate everything on a dummy, skeleton-guy you know; whilst I, having the Head of the department as my examinor, was asked to go fetch all relevant bones and fit them together myself...

Making a long story short, I was apparently not able to correctly arrange the carpal bones (link). This examinor did not "pass" one single student that day, but he gave me and a few more kids a 4/10, which means that you have one chance to take a new examination with another examinor the next day. Today I got a 8/10 with the topic "brachial plexus" (link) which basically means that I had to dig for and show the arrangement of nerves in an armpit. I'm happy. The passing level is 6/10.

Congratulations to everyone that made it! And good luck to those of you who have a remedial on Friday!


That was fun

Today at home, Dennis accidently stepped on a Pentatomidae, also known by the common name "stink bug" or as we say in Swedish, bärfis.



Spring is approaching; elongating the day as we know it bright, but leaves are not yet here to fluoresce and mask distant places from our sight. 

Suddenly a glass incrusted capsule has revealed itself in the middle of old soviet, 165 degrees across my bathroom window. What occurs in such a bulb, accessored with chimneys, ladders, and plastic bands brooding vertically to blur away this inscrutable interior?