When I hear strange, loud noises from machinery, aircraft or some other disorder, this feeling may sprout in me that Russia has come to occupy due to initiation of the third world war. Do you ever have these sort of thoughts?

I usually just put this nonsense aside. Who would fight a war that no one can survive.
What occurence could cause mass conviction and drive people to a cascade of hostile action, masked in such a word as "cause"?

Will there be causes? I want to doubt it. I have lived for 20 years with the spirit that warfare belongs to history books, it's something that we read about in school; that humanity had bad phases but is recovering towards respect, acceptance and peace; that we see stupidity in our previous actions and strive towards becoming only wiser and better.

These are my thoughts, whilst poverty has never been my reality.
Whilst I have hot water in a kitchen tap and healthcare when I need it.
Whilst I may speak what I think and recall autocracy as a newspaper article.
Whilst billions of people will never see the world as I do, because of where they were born.

Whilst my own home country is the worlds greatest weapon exporter, per capita,
with potential buyers such as Saudiarabia that strives towards becoming a "military superpower".

I think what a waste of resource to spend money on military these days, what a comedy; until I remember why "military powers" have ever existed, and that they still do.

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