First anatomy self-control

At the University of Debrecen the midterm anatomy examinations are practical. One by one the students pick a random topic of what has been studied, and prepare for about 15 minutes before their knowledge is to be presented before an examinor, on a dissected cadaver. One is usually asked to either explain, identify, show, find or trace something or occasionally, to construct.

This Monday my exam topic was "proximal and distal radioulnar joints and the radiocarpal joint". All other students who also picked my topic got to demonstrate everything on a dummy, skeleton-guy you know; whilst I, having the Head of the department as my examinor, was asked to go fetch all relevant bones and fit them together myself...

Making a long story short, I was apparently not able to correctly arrange the carpal bones (link). This examinor did not "pass" one single student that day, but he gave me and a few more kids a 4/10, which means that you have one chance to take a new examination with another examinor the next day. Today I got a 8/10 with the topic "brachial plexus" (link) which basically means that I had to dig for and show the arrangement of nerves in an armpit. I'm happy. The passing level is 6/10.

Congratulations to everyone that made it! And good luck to those of you who have a remedial on Friday!

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