Love life

I've been experiencing so much love and happiness this summer... I feel fortunate. Family, myself, friends. Peace where I live... The schedule is out for the coming semester and I feel really excited about it too.

nice to have you here =)

I checked the stats hehe. Although I'm not really sharing things that are... very extraordinary or special... it's encouraging to keep posting when I see that people are, for one reason or another, coming in to see if I made a new post.

I haven't done much since I got back home from Malta, as I caugh a cold... typical to catch a virus abroad I think. Almost fully recovered by now so I was hoping that I could go to the gym tomorrow. Tonight I had Thai food with my family from my favourite place Mandy Thai :D

finally a new post

Heyy I'm back! Malta ooo what a pretty island, and so small that you can cross the whole mainland by bus within 90 minutes?! We stayed in the old town Valletta in one of "La Vallette"'s nice appartments. Crazy fun :)

My best experience was Golden bay and the sea :D I thought it would be me who stayed in the water the most but Hayaan discovered a love for swimming and played in the water several hours straight... even alone... all three times that we went to the beach hahaa!!

Two days before departure I happened to cause a power outage in the flat by plugging in an iron in a loose wall socket.. lool. Unable to contact anyone or find the power cabin, we did what we could in the dark. Well we didn't stay much in the appartment after that :P



All waxed... apart from my legs below the knees, and das bikini line. The least pleasant parts to wax, unfortunately.

After the gym session tomorrow, my dad and I will be picking up Dennis Dollal and Hayaan and they're gonna stay here with me until Sunday morning... when we're hitting off to Malta :D Matilda too of course!

Thus I have some silly things that I have to get done tomorrow, such as painting my nails, packing... waxing :S Having inherited all of my father's hairiness, waxing is totally worth it anywas.

Me and my hair right NOW: smells like smoke due to BBQ ye-ye-ye-ye-ye.


"we lain on face"

I accidentally googled this sentence.. which I also accidentally contstructed. Somehow. Google shows me results for "we laid on face" instead; about 161,000,000 results in 0,26 seconds. Not bad.

Good night.


Dennis was here :D I absolutely loved how much the weather changed during these three days. We got to experience amazing phenomenons, especially in relation to our fishing trips (that we always had to cut short due to thunder storms). Very ironic since fishes tend to be passive when thunder's coming in!? I caught a pike but it was small and we let it back into the water...

One night we laid on the pier under the meteor shower. I've always wanted to watch stars fall with Dennis.. hahaa! We also did some things like dart with a log as scoreboard... "badminton"... shot beer cans with an air rifle... swam (at least I did)... stayed across the lake in the evening sun... loads of lantis-stuff. Cosy stuff. Wieee :)


adios amiga

Checking again and agan, and again... still nothing. I'm crazy :/

There's going to be a meteor shower tomorrow night. Hope the skies will be clear.

notes on sunbeams

Aaand that was the last nice summer day here in Sweden... I sort of missed half of it when I went to the gym. Shall we see more? If so that would be very fortunate. The temperatures of the coming week are predicted to wander between 13 and 19 degrees...

In 7 days I'm going to Malta... and after that I'm only in Sweden for two more weeks before I go back to Hungary to start my 3rd year of med. school. Waaw I'm actually very excited about starting 3rd year!!

No doubt, this was the best summer, summer-wise, in Sweden for like... my whole life. Can't remeber ever having flawless weather for over a month. Can you imagine that? Haha! Those of you from non-Scandinavia... our summers are very short here... and commonly rainy too... this year was exceptional.

I saw Anna the whole day yesterday and we're going to meet up to take a walk tomorrow again. She's such a genuine and super sweet person, I wish I could see her more often. Her family has a summer house out here too and we've been friends since we were 9 years old and both of us were 143 cm tall and allergic to pollen. Hahaaa <3 I was taller than her for a long time, but then I stopped growing at 172 cm and she continued to 180... but I think we still have a lot in common.

Anna and I three years ago.. XD


Bring it back

I love reading my old blog! I was too funny... And it's very interesting to discover my influences in retrospect. I can clearly distinguish themes that were significant to my mind at that time. It's fun to be reminded of what I used to think about back then... obviously way too much.

Yeah, I do read old blog posts now and then and I read so many that I almost feel like a stalker of myself... anyways, amongst all those posts and I found another list now, which I'm going to re-answer. Hope you like these, haha.

Current obsession?
- Wow.. currently no strong obsession. I feel empty inside.

What are you wearing right now?
- Just leggings.. well panties too.

What was the last thing you watched on TV?
- Two episodes of Dexter that I've already seen, just to enjoy the company of my parents. Although they fell asleep...

Do you take naps?
- Sometimes in the car if my dad is driving... otherwise I try to avoid napping so that I can easily fall asleep during the night. If I'm up for an allnighter I usually take a nap or two.

Who was the last person that you hugged?
- My mom or my dad. A lot of answers containing my parents here since I'm at the country side with them :D

What are the most beautiful words that you know of?
- "Я тебя люблю" = I love you, in Russian. What, do you know words that are more beautiful than these?

What was the last thing you bought?
- A bikini! Green-ish, found no nice red one... I ordered it online and now I wish it would arrive so I can try and see if it fits me!!?

What kind of music do you currently listen to?
- None/what others listen to around me/YouTube = I don't really listen to music :S

Favourite weather?
- 24 degrees Celcius, sun, sky-mist and a tiny bit of warm wind.

Main emotions at current?
- Sleepy, hungry, blissful, in love, paranoid.

What are your best life-tools?
- I live in the moment. I constantly think about and appreciate all the good and beautiful that I have around me. Family, friends, health, nature, peace... I try to take nothing for granted and cherish what is here for me at present. It's a mindset which makes me feel happy and fortunate about myself.
- I can easily put things behind me so that they don't affect my mood negatively. Especially if I'm struggling with something which I really can't change or affect. I have a healthy way of dealing with these thing and I can move on without worrying.

Favourite travel destination?
- Paris! But my favourite TRIP was to Barcelona :D (pic from Paris)

Mention a couple of things that you can not live without?
- Mhmm "can not", would be love and exercise. I would probally survive without it but...

What would you like to have in your hands right now?
- A pillow, a fruity drink with crushed ice, a gun, jk not a gun.

If you were transformed into a famous person of the opposite sex, who would it be?
- Dr. Grant. Jk I have no idea.

If you could go anywhere for an hour, to where would it be?
- Provided that I'd be allowed to return in the same shape and condition as when I left, I'd like to go to the most nearby planet which is inhabited by some sort of intelligent species.

Who would you like to get stuck in an elevator with?
- Dennis =)

Favourite smell?
- The sea breeze right outside the door here. I like the smell of pineapple too!

If you had a time machine, what decade would you visit?
- How about 2220; more than 100 years after my death but still (maybe) not so different from today that I'd feel sick about it!?



Dennis... abstinence. I hope the weather will go back to being super nice soon again so that he can come here and we'll go swimming and fishing in the beautiful weather like last year :D

I'm back at the country side now, but I stayed in Eskilstuna the last two days and got to see some dear friends. It was lovely.
I ate something interesting yesterday when Bazyl and I attempted to make a fläskpannkaka. Taste itself - nice, but surely the fläskpannkaka could benefit from some correction...

Very sleepy now and should probably go to bed... But I haven't read news or blogs or stuff at all for more than 48 hours!! And I don't really care but I just happened to read that Lana Del Rey says she hasn't had anything done to her lips, LOL!! Well I would regret it too if I was her =(



Back home!

Rome was lovely. It's a charming city, so special... the atmosphere is intimate in a way that you wouldn't think that Rome is a capital city. The people are down to earth, humorous and friendly. But found that I have an issue with how loud Italians are, everywhere. I got the impression that yelling is "normal" in Italy and not a big deal, but for me this is a personal matter, that I don't want to surround myself with people that can't control their tone when they are aroused by small things... so in this sense Italy is a bit out of my comfort zone. Stop! Still a huge recommend for travelling!!

But if you're thinking about going to Rome, I would say that it's a better idea to go during spring or fall; the weather was scorching hot now, and when my feet started to ache from all the walking we did (public transport only to and from Pompei) it was hard to enjoy 36 degrees Celcius. During mid day I feel like I spent too much time looking down at the paved roads (avoiding the sun), being unable to fully take in every lovely detail of the city and the surrounding landscape.