notes on sunbeams

Aaand that was the last nice summer day here in Sweden... I sort of missed half of it when I went to the gym. Shall we see more? If so that would be very fortunate. The temperatures of the coming week are predicted to wander between 13 and 19 degrees...

In 7 days I'm going to Malta... and after that I'm only in Sweden for two more weeks before I go back to Hungary to start my 3rd year of med. school. Waaw I'm actually very excited about starting 3rd year!!

No doubt, this was the best summer, summer-wise, in Sweden for like... my whole life. Can't remeber ever having flawless weather for over a month. Can you imagine that? Haha! Those of you from non-Scandinavia... our summers are very short here... and commonly rainy too... this year was exceptional.

I saw Anna the whole day yesterday and we're going to meet up to take a walk tomorrow again. She's such a genuine and super sweet person, I wish I could see her more often. Her family has a summer house out here too and we've been friends since we were 9 years old and both of us were 143 cm tall and allergic to pollen. Hahaaa <3 I was taller than her for a long time, but then I stopped growing at 172 cm and she continued to 180... but I think we still have a lot in common.

Anna and I three years ago.. XD

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