Dennis... abstinence. I hope the weather will go back to being super nice soon again so that he can come here and we'll go swimming and fishing in the beautiful weather like last year :D

I'm back at the country side now, but I stayed in Eskilstuna the last two days and got to see some dear friends. It was lovely.
I ate something interesting yesterday when Bazyl and I attempted to make a fläskpannkaka. Taste itself - nice, but surely the fläskpannkaka could benefit from some correction...

Very sleepy now and should probably go to bed... But I haven't read news or blogs or stuff at all for more than 48 hours!! And I don't really care but I just happened to read that Lana Del Rey says she hasn't had anything done to her lips, LOL!! Well I would regret it too if I was her =(

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