Life on the edge... again. (numbers)

It occurs to me now and then, that I need to work just a little harder. Sometimes I'm lucky, but today I was not. I took two chemistry tests this morning and scored 78,6 and 57,1, which altogether gave me the final grade average of 64,3 (grade 2, which is "pass"); whereas 65,0 would have been a grade 3. But the chemistry department had no mercy with me. Fair enough... although a Grade 3 would have looked so much nicer in my little book...

Well I'm not eager enough to retake all three tests again.

There's 43 hours left till my flight, but only 14 hours till the biostatistics exam tomorrow, which I AM retaking to improve my grade. I coudn't fall asleep at all last night and I'm totally exhausted, but I shall make this... Though I'm quite sure that I might be just on the edge. "Haha".



This is it. It's my last food. I put everything I had. It's tasty... But this is the end. I'm out of toiletpaper too.

Learning it the hard way-ayy

... that Hungarians do not mind starvation on the 26th of December as NOTHING IS "NYITVA" TODAY EXCEPT A FEW GAS STATIONS WHERE YOU MAY BUY WATER SODA CANDY AND MOTOR OIL. AND GAS!!!

Kthxbye have a nice day and I'm studying sooo...



Those who saw me after the Biophysics exam yesterday probably thought that I'd failed the course or something, because the reult ate my mood. I got a 4. It's a fine grade but yeahh...

Now I have five days to prepare for the chemistry exam. Five days is not too much as I'm retaking both General chemistry and Inorganic chemistry, but it should be just enough for a decent grade in chemistry too.

Need to do some grocery shopping but it's the day before X-mas and I wonder if there's anything left in the supermarket hahah...



I want to paint my nails so badly in HeliYum (link) but I'm out of nail polish remover and I hate wandering around with chipped nail polish and I refuse to scratch nail polish off because it damages the nail...


A great forehead picture, and a great day because:

  • I've studied today!
  • The final episode of Grey's Anatomy season 4 was awesommme!!
  • I sliced a pomegranate open and it splashed me with red juice all over EXCEPT on my top, +++ it was delicious +++ I used to be allergic to pomegranate but now I'm apparently not!!
  • I got a good result on the statistics test! Well, it was a 3, so this is the grade I'm offered for the course unless I want to take the final exam. But thing is, I never saw the entire last page of the test, which would have completed my score to a 5. So I only look forward to the final exam! It won't delay my arrival to Sweden anyways!!



Oh my god. I don't want to study. I don't want to study!! I want to go out and dance and have fun.

Can't believe I'm going to be here all alone for an entire week...


And as,

Oh and not that I expected to get a good result on the SCT for inorganic chemistry today, but I can only pass by chance, and luck, which is awful, statistically unfavorable and ass and we have to study our asses off.

And I will remember for a very long time how that Very terrified seeming Norwegian girl clarified to her friend that there's a BIG---asssss---lång---kööö outside the Education's Office. "Kö" means queue. I regret that this scene made an impression on me since the moment that it occured. It hurt me in many psychological ways. But this was in August and I've talked to the girl once since then and I excuse her...

Not that it's related but unfortunately her words also say a lot about the Education's Office...


"I did everything I could"

Aloha accident. Spilled milk on Dennis laptop.
Acted quickly as to save it. Tried to save it.
All that was left was to wait for it to dry.
Dennis came home and blow-dried the keyboard but ended up melting a few keys.
I'm very sorry.
Evident milk stain on the top corner of the screen. Seems to be dry, but it's milk, so it's there.
Hardware in function, but keyboard obviously not serving. I'm sorry. Continuosly redeeming.
Hopelessly cramming chemistry. Drinking milk.


Crazy stuff

Registration for final exams opened today at 20.00. For each test session there are 40 - 150 exam slots (i.e. seats for students) avaliable, depending on the subject. I was online 19.55. I registered for my first subject at 20.00.01. I failed to register my second subject at 20.00.08 because by then ALL 100 SEATS WERE TAKEN. In 8 seconds. Anyways I managed to fixxx the everything so that I at least can go home before 2012! Wohooo!!

 Pic from Halloween..