Life on the edge... again. (numbers)

It occurs to me now and then, that I need to work just a little harder. Sometimes I'm lucky, but today I was not. I took two chemistry tests this morning and scored 78,6 and 57,1, which altogether gave me the final grade average of 64,3 (grade 2, which is "pass"); whereas 65,0 would have been a grade 3. But the chemistry department had no mercy with me. Fair enough... although a Grade 3 would have looked so much nicer in my little book...

Well I'm not eager enough to retake all three tests again.

There's 43 hours left till my flight, but only 14 hours till the biostatistics exam tomorrow, which I AM retaking to improve my grade. I coudn't fall asleep at all last night and I'm totally exhausted, but I shall make this... Though I'm quite sure that I might be just on the edge. "Haha".

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