Good news bad news day

Recieved both good and bad news today... the good news is that the possibility for me to join in on research is promising... I still don't want to reveal too much but the project is related to cell signalling, stem cells and cancer. I have a bunch of "homework" to read up on until our next meeting. Super exciting :)))



I don't want to hope for too much, but tomorrow I'm meeting a PhD student together with the head of the department to discuss my joining of a research team... so I'm very excited about that. I re-scheduled all of my remaining classes for this week to have tomorrow free. Hehee..

Also excited for Muay Thai, I'm getting dressed now and will be there in 40 minutes!


La exploré ("french")

Maria and I took our bikes and explored Debrecen for some two hours in the lovely weather. Debrecen is acutally much bigger than it seems! Many family-friendly cosy streets. Someone kept chickens in their yard, too. Always fresh for dinner.

I'm almost about to go to bed, just gonna take a quick bike ride to relax a bit, will be back in no time...



Indeed, the rain was pouring down most of the time. Yet enjoyed all of it!

We stayed at Zen hostel in a room with private bathroom, extremely affordable and for that price (16000 forints for two nights) I couldn't really ask for more. Recommend!

Had sooo much cheap, amazing food. I love eating out in Hungary!! Walked about, visited Clinique and MAC, had ice cream with another couple from Debrecen, saw "The judge" on cinema (one of those movies which is great even without sex drugs and violence), and lastly climed the Buda mountain to reach the top :))

Came back home on Saturday night and ordered pizza from Palma aaaahhhh!



As for now Dennis is already in Budapest! He's playing in a football tournament the whole day tomorrow, so I'm planning to take the afternoon train and then we're staying together until Saturday. Hoping to keep myself somewhat dry, but of course the prognosis for these coming days is rain.

Had a good study day and did ONE topic in pharmacology! Slowly but surely, approaching this semester's final exams. Finished the evening with Muay Thai.

Pictures from last night after dinner at Wasabi. I took my favourite dish there (rice noodles with red curry + chicken) but my food was so salty that I had to take it home and rinse the noodles in water to be able to finish it. Seriously...


15 random

What city are you in currently?
- Debrecen, Hungary, Europe, Tellus, the Solar System, Milky Way...

Favourite song at the moment?
- Maybe "The worst" by Jhene Aiko (Bendy's recommentaion, me like)

What food do you crave?
- Chicken soup :)

Are you on a diet?
- Would not call it a diet, but I do care about what I eat. And for instance a rich breakfast is very important for me in order to stay focused in school until lunch, so when I cook dinner I always make sure that it's enough for breakfast, too. (Dinner for breakfast)

What is your favourite type of exercise?
- I love swimming and Muay Thai but going to the gym is actually my favourite :)

What is your favourite restaurant?
- Back home it's Mandy Thai but in Debrecen, maybe Melange because it's close to where I live and the food is nice (although too salty sometimes) and the staff is friendly and good at English.

Do you want kids? How many?
- Yees :D at least two, maybe three!

For how many hours did you sleep last night?
- About 8 hours. Perfect.

What colours do you like to wear?
- I noticed that my laundry is mostly white, beige, pink and black.

Will you be travelling soon?
- Maybe to Prague but I have a feeling it will stop at Budapest hehe.

Which was the last movie you saw at Cinema?
- Gone Girl. It was good.

What are your plans for today?
- Meet Anitha and go watch the football game for some hour. Dennis is playing with the Icelanders and there's supposed to be a girls' team too.

What is your favourite hot drink?
- Caffe latte :D

One thing you're good at?
- Cooking hehe

Do you like politics?
- Yes, but it's a love-hate-kind-of-like.


Wine tasting :D

On Saturday went on a student excursion to the winery in Tokaj, a village in the north of Hungary close to the Slovakian border. Was accompanied by Anitha and Vanessa and we really had the best day!! About 50 students went.

The weather was 25+ amazing, beautiful beautiful landscape, beef stew for lunch and the yummiest white wine I ever had, in unlimited supply. Everything for 1500 forints...!! I would pay 15000 forints for this trip. Really recommend everyone to grab a friend and get tickets for wine tasting in Tokaj! Tokaj is famous for their sweet white wine.


Pink :)

Dressed for gym, sitting on the sofa waiting for Dennis to ring the bell downstairs. Took care of some stuff today after school and initiated my small mission, to try and get a research spot at a department at the University. I have contacted my primary choice... scared to hope for too much... will let you know more when I know more myself.

Felt like a barbie wearing pink yesterday. So that was a nice feeling.

Now you know.

Also had a lot of comments regarding my butt (more than ususal) and I agree that something has happened to it the past months.

Photos from last night while I was still a bit pumped after an upper body session.



Two valuable practices in the clinics today, gynecology and cardiology. The latter was probably the most interesting 90 minutes in my medical career so far! :)

Went for some Muay Thai tonight which has rendered me pleasantly relaxed, but way too tired to efficiently finish my presentation for tomorrow. I'm going to give it one more hour.

Last weeks training:

Mon: gym, light general session after the virus
Tue: gym (triceps, shoulders, biceps, quads, glutes)
Wed: gym (shoulders, back, abs, hamstrings, glutes)
Thur: REST
Fri: gym (chest, biceps, abs)
Sat: 7,2 km run
Sun: nothing

Autumn is beautiful but I miss the summer warmth.



My new tights from Adidas that my mom got me. Always get compliments on these :) favourite.




At first we weren't sure whether the light behind the elecrical cabinet came from outside the stairwell, or if it was actual fire...

Turned out to be fire...

Long story short, electricity died and a lot has been about that today. Went to radiology class at noon, it was shitty. That was my one break today from "waiting at home". HAH.

Just had a sandwich... about to digest it for a bit before I can finally go to gym.

ONE nice thing with all this dead time, my favourite shade "Size matters" from Essie :)



A better day. No stress and a pleasant hour at the gym. Also finally a night without sweat - I declare the virus eradicated!

Felt out of balance last week. Maybe most of it originated in very poor sleep... but my (academic, social) laziness needs and end. We don't have self-controls this semester, but I'm going to set my first goal and make a good presentation for the Medical Imaging class, next Tuesday.