15 random

What city are you in currently?
- Debrecen, Hungary, Europe, Tellus, the Solar System, Milky Way...

Favourite song at the moment?
- Maybe "The worst" by Jhene Aiko (Bendy's recommentaion, me like)

What food do you crave?
- Chicken soup :)

Are you on a diet?
- Would not call it a diet, but I do care about what I eat. And for instance a rich breakfast is very important for me in order to stay focused in school until lunch, so when I cook dinner I always make sure that it's enough for breakfast, too. (Dinner for breakfast)

What is your favourite type of exercise?
- I love swimming and Muay Thai but going to the gym is actually my favourite :)

What is your favourite restaurant?
- Back home it's Mandy Thai but in Debrecen, maybe Melange because it's close to where I live and the food is nice (although too salty sometimes) and the staff is friendly and good at English.

Do you want kids? How many?
- Yees :D at least two, maybe three!

For how many hours did you sleep last night?
- About 8 hours. Perfect.

What colours do you like to wear?
- I noticed that my laundry is mostly white, beige, pink and black.

Will you be travelling soon?
- Maybe to Prague but I have a feeling it will stop at Budapest hehe.

Which was the last movie you saw at Cinema?
- Gone Girl. It was good.

What are your plans for today?
- Meet Anitha and go watch the football game for some hour. Dennis is playing with the Icelanders and there's supposed to be a girls' team too.

What is your favourite hot drink?
- Caffe latte :D

One thing you're good at?
- Cooking hehe

Do you like politics?
- Yes, but it's a love-hate-kind-of-like.

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