DIY distressed jeans

Hey look what I did with my old jeans! If you have a pair of old pants which you seriously never use for some reason, go ahead and cut them and make use out of them! It's soooo much fun and everyone will want to have your unique pair of jeans. Hehe.

1. Before. I didn't wear these jeans for a long time because I tore one of the strap thingies used for holding a belt (you know?) so basically there was a hole in the jeans, which I hated.

2. Freshly cut. See how the fabric actually looks like it has just been cut? Now you just need to throw the jeans into a washing machine for a standard program wash to get that nice fringy look to the edges.

3. TA-DA. You can all have your own opinions but I personally LOVE the look. Now that the jeans are distressed I don't mind the hole and I'm toootally wearing them again. You should not worry that the washing machine will mess up your cuts, they will be exactly the same but fringy and maybe 15% bigger due to the loss of loose/excess threads.

Stupid mosquito

I was in the middle of writing this post as a mosquito appeared levitating just in front of my face. How stupid is that? I haven't even THOUGHT about mosquitos for about eight months. Apart from when Bendy returned from Ghana with Malaria. What a mistake to fly in my face...

I've been sleeping all day today. I'm sick. Or is it ill? Damn you, virus!

I think the physiology exam went quite OK this morning but if you happen to remember, I would need a score of 93% on this one in order to get the exemption from the written part of the physiology final exam. Honestly I think I lost a more than 3 points... not because I found mistakes already but because there was 20 points in total for the relation analysis and some of the questions were really tricky (to me). So I may only get ONE of those questions wrong and still get above 93%. Hahah I don't know... hopefully the written part won't be too bad.

Photo from last Friday. I look pretty bothered don't I? Oh and yeah Debrecen had spring for about two days before it turned into summer and we've had 20 - 30 degrees for more than a week now ;);)))))


Melt my day

On my way home from school I bought toiletpaper and an ice cream.

I'm having a pleasant time in the evening sun on the balcony and I happened to remember, like in a flashback type of manner, how I really couldn't find the toiletpaper that I bought... when I needed to...

Do you think I put it in the freezer, with the ice cream?

Now that I think about it I have no memory of putting the ice cream into the freezer :(

Do you think I put the ice cream in the freezer?

Do you care?

Should I go to the gym?

Desert animals are alive

How ya doin? This is not a deserted place.

For some reason it has been impossible to upload pictures on photobucket for serveral days!! grrrrr. I don't know if you noticed that some old photos disappeared from the blog too. I hope they are back but if not I hope that they will come back.

Right now? I'm studying for the lab exam in biochemistry... yessss.

The weekend was awesome. Gumball was awesome. Yesss.


Feel great

Ohh. I don't know if I'll have time to go to the gym on Sunday because of the upcoming test in neurobiology, so I made sure that I covered absolutely everything during this evening's session. I started to run out of time to make it to the supermarket befrore it closed, so I pushed it a bit extra too... and later on my way home I was swaying in happiness. How stupid does that sound!? Well it's one of the greatest feelings that I know of, the post-hard-workout-feeling. It goes in level with the feeling of being loved and an amazing meal when you're hungry (sensation wise).

Now I'm waiting for my pasta... boilingboilingboiling. BY THE WAY it's FULLKORNSPASTA!! They started selling it at Interspar :D



Nice weather AT LAST! I'm not the only one who's saying that today here in Hungary... we've had rain non stop for about three weeks. The 16 sunny degrees today were much appreciated.

In general a good day for me. I felt well rested and got some necessary things done... yesss.



I forgot the bike at school so now I just got back home, from getting the bike outside LSB. Suddenly I feel extremely tired...

What to do tonight... Pleaseee I don't want to study...
Even though I spent some three hours at the library today with Bendy we didn't get a lot done...
Luckily the upcoming written test in neurobiology (neurobiochemistry, neurophysiology, neuroanatomy) has been postponed until Wednesday evening... phew.

I really don't feel like studying!!!!!



Bangs or no bangs? I'm glad I decided to give myself a little change to my hair, buut, I'm not going to keep the blunt bangs. It's a little demanding style-wise and yet limits the amount of hairstyles that I like to wear... not to mention how happy Dennis would be if I got rid of the bangs. Hahaa! But don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hairstyle for the time that I had it and I'm definitely coming back for it some day.

DIY jeans shorts

Now that I've finally had a few days to relax and do random things I decided to give a pair of old jeans a makeover :D

AND since I was so excited to cut my jeans once I got the idea, I forgot to take a before-picture. I had to go into my old blog to find a pic of the jeans, and here they are (/were?)... photo from April 2009. LOL.



By the way, apparently I have anemia. My haemoglobin is down to 109, discovered by accident. A pretty big drop from 130 last summer when I donated blood.

To be honest I haven't even thought about that I don't eat enough iron, it was never an issue before you know? But it's true that I don't cook as often lately, I rather order something to eat than "waste time" by the stove when a test is coming up.

I've been relying a lot on my excess intake of milk which has my back in much, especially proteins and a majority of the essential vitamins. But of course, where's the iron in milk, or on a pizza for instance? It's kind of obvious when I look back...

Warning to all of you (especially girls) who moved away from home; make sure to eat enough meat! Spinach and broccoli are examples of iron rich sources too.

Good night

Favorit i repris: me donating blood last summer.


vacation!! thanks

Easter weekend was great. I haven't studied one single second until now (because I have a test in Hungarian tomorrow), a couple of completely study-free days, that I really needed. What I've been up to is sleeping, cooking, going to the gym, shopping (tiny bit), watching movies... very relaxing. Tonight me and Dennis went to Melange for a dinner with a couple of friends too, which was very nice. Yeah well now I should head off to the Hungarian book... see youuuu