By the way, apparently I have anemia. My haemoglobin is down to 109, discovered by accident. A pretty big drop from 130 last summer when I donated blood.

To be honest I haven't even thought about that I don't eat enough iron, it was never an issue before you know? But it's true that I don't cook as often lately, I rather order something to eat than "waste time" by the stove when a test is coming up.

I've been relying a lot on my excess intake of milk which has my back in much, especially proteins and a majority of the essential vitamins. But of course, where's the iron in milk, or on a pizza for instance? It's kind of obvious when I look back...

Warning to all of you (especially girls) who moved away from home; make sure to eat enough meat! Spinach and broccoli are examples of iron rich sources too.

Good night

Favorit i repris: me donating blood last summer.

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