DIY distressed jeans

Hey look what I did with my old jeans! If you have a pair of old pants which you seriously never use for some reason, go ahead and cut them and make use out of them! It's soooo much fun and everyone will want to have your unique pair of jeans. Hehe.

1. Before. I didn't wear these jeans for a long time because I tore one of the strap thingies used for holding a belt (you know?) so basically there was a hole in the jeans, which I hated.

2. Freshly cut. See how the fabric actually looks like it has just been cut? Now you just need to throw the jeans into a washing machine for a standard program wash to get that nice fringy look to the edges.

3. TA-DA. You can all have your own opinions but I personally LOVE the look. Now that the jeans are distressed I don't mind the hole and I'm toootally wearing them again. You should not worry that the washing machine will mess up your cuts, they will be exactly the same but fringy and maybe 15% bigger due to the loss of loose/excess threads.

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