Puuuul daeh

Took a tennis class with the girls! Oh yes we were lousy tennis players, but left with new skills I must say! Went to the pool for a bit, followed by dinner at Vigado. Didn't get what I ordered but it was suuper cosy to sit outdoors with live music playing. Made it to the gym for deadlifts before I had to rush to the supermarket and buy myself milk for the weekend.

... Yeah so now we have this law in Hungary, big supermarkets are not allowed to stay open on Sundays... the purpose is to promote small companies and increase their revenue... so basically there is nowhere to shop groceries on Sundays... :))))))


OK, I have to put this out there - I LOVE Debrecen right now. We've had summer for over a month with warm evenings and sunny days. Today 26 degrees!

Dennis and I had dinner at Terasz last night, probably my favourite restaurant here... then saw Madmax at cinema (crazy) and had a nice walk home. Life can really be enjoyable here when you're not killing yourself before an exam. The gynaecology oral exam went great, by the way.

See my backpack!? It's the one I got at the market some weeks ago. I was looking for sooo long for a backpack like this at an affordable price... paid 14 000 ft for it which is about 420 SEK, which is GREAT for nubuck/real leather. Some color still rubs off on my hands from it but I suppose I should have expected that getting a bag in nubuck...

5 photos of me and one of Dennis watching me of course. Haha :)



Past week in exercise:

Mon: nothing
Tue: swim (mini, 1 - 1,2 km)
Wed: gym (shoulders, squats, abs)
Thu: gym (chest, triceps, abs)
Fri: nothing
Sat: gym (posterior everything)
Sun: 8,2 km run
Today: outdoor gym (chins, pushups, toes to bar). Had the gym all by myself at first, sooo nice!

10 random

Just because - I like random facts, it is late, I should study and just because. Maybe some of you knew these and maybe you didn't.

1. Not sure if this is a fact about me, Dennis or insects, but I rescue Dennis from the wrath of insects every day. Capture, release or kill. I'm that good of a girlfriend.

2. I don't have a driver's licence... I practiced driving with my father once, but he was covered in sweat after only ten minutes so that was that.

3. When I have a powerful sneeze coming I start hitting things or stomping with my feet.

4. I eat strategically and arrange the food so that my last bite will be the perfect bite.

5. Also if there is meat on my plate, or something bulky-else, I cut it completely into pieces before I start eating so that I can eat continuously without cutting anything.

6. I always wear a hair tie on my wrist because at some point during the day I cannot stand how my long hair invades my face and eyesight.

7. I'm really good at playing "the game", you should all take advice from me.

8. When I like someone as a person, I get a very strong urge to tease them somehow. It is so intense that my teasing becomes some sort of compability test, like can we be friends or not. So occasionally the other person cannot deal with it and seemingly never likes me again as I am too high-hat, too annoying or simply too weird.

9. I'm a spy, but people think I'm just a stalker so they have no clue. No but I may seem clueless, indifferent or like I'm not paying attention... but I'm only being polite... Really, I'm such a spy.

10. The best thing about a gym is all the mirrors. But maybe everyone thinks so?


Track turn

Went to the track for a run, but they forbid me to run because of some football game... so I walked to the stadium instead and ran 8,2 km altogether. Then spent like 30 minutes on trying to take this photo that I imagined, which did not quite work out... but I got a few nice ones anyways. Only because I really need all the time I can get to study, you know how it is.


Worked on my back today but eeeew started feeling hungover and had to take it easy. I am not on schedule with gynaecology so the next few days may be stressful. At least life is great!! Looks like I got a job at a lab at Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm) this summer :)))



Two words describing today: Oh Yeah. Had a great gym session and didn't study for a single second, mmmmh... lazy day needed. My next exam is gynaecology, looking forward to it. Top from here (click).



AT LAST some time for me to grow and paint my nails again. Block practice is done and today I took the final exam in internal medicine. Performed pretty badly at the oral part but it was apparently enough for a 4, so I'm content with that. Also the surgery results have come out and I got a 5!! Yay.

Ran home for a nap after the exam then immediately went swimming. My stamina felt lousy... but I'm happy that the outdoor pool has opened! Lost count of my laps as usual but didn't swim too far, just somewhere above 1 km.

Someone opened the door on me while I was changing in a booth... a lady luckily... however she didn't apologize for flashing my private parts. Aaanyways. I'm sleeping well tonight.

Lately my camera is busted, seriously. But I lack funds as to replace it!!! My bikini is the "quad black" from Sheridyn Swim.



Niiiiiiicest day. Even topped my expectations. We went Canoeing on the Bodrog, a small river that runs into Tisza which is a pretty wide river coming in from Ukraine. The weather was 10/10 and the company a 20. Thanks guys!



Not sure how the surgery exam went... but I should have passed it... in any case that's it with minimals and remote control exams for me, I'm preparing for the oral exam in gynaecology. It will be more to do, but I'll learn the subject properly and I'm quite sure that I have a much better chance at a good grade too. That's how ridiculous the remote control exams are! (!!!)

Tomorrow at last - day of canoeing trip! I need to pick out what to wear, choose a good bag and remember to charge my camera! I really need a new camera though... don't know if you noticed how the picture quality here is getting worse and worse... I suspect the last days of my pink camera are near...

Praying to the menstrual cycle god to postpone it a little more because I'm supposed to get mine any hour now... conveniently...



Photos from a 6k run (2 km jog + 4 km intervals) last week.

I've had issues with my tonsils and didn't do exercise for three days to see if it would help them calm down... no conclusion... felt angry today while going through the 500+ surgery minimals and decided to head down for a smaller workout... YEEEEES I feel good. Also learned that the bar I usually put weights on is 5 kilos heavier than I thought, this means I've been deadlifting and squatting 65 and 55 kgs lately!! Today I finished with 10 reps of deadlifts at 60 kgs. Heyy it's not that much but I'm not a very big person so I'm happy.

Quite stressed in other... a lot of exams going on these days... next up is Surgery this Friday and then Internal medicine (endocrinology/nephrology) on Tuesday. Yay.



Just because I have to study, a lot...

Imagine how instead of everyone getting silicone implants, we could all just wear our natural boobies. We could just be. Yet more and more women choose to go through surgery that could have life threatening effects, to make it look like they have bigger boobs than they do... Like?????

If someone has a mastectomy or serious assymetry I can really understand, but we go beyond that today. Some desire, desperation to be sexy. PLEASE you are females and already sexy. "I just want to feel normal"... means you feel odd, and unsexy, because what you really have is normal breasts.

Why do so many girls fail to see how RIDICULOUS all of this is.


Random!? market on Bolyai

Weekend! YES. Felt strong at the gym today and there were almost no people there... so nice. Discovered that there is a huge market going on in that area, hurried home and dragged Dennis back with me. I bought a backpack <3 ohh I just have to show you, I've been looking for one for YEARS. And we shared a greasy Langos. Mmh! Langos are truly shamazing but no wonder that a lot of Hungarians are overweight...

As you may have noticed I'm quite fond of these long skirts that I have. They are just sooo comfortable to wear and I love my silhouette in them.



Another week has weeked by. It's Friday night and... wait... I'm the one sitting at home while Dennis is going crazy at some BBQ. How about that!! Going to try and study a little before I go to bed...

Went for some tanning with Maria today! Got just the right amount. Made muffins tonight but they were a total disaster. Not like last week... mmmm muffinmemories...