10 random

Just because - I like random facts, it is late, I should study and just because. Maybe some of you knew these and maybe you didn't.

1. Not sure if this is a fact about me, Dennis or insects, but I rescue Dennis from the wrath of insects every day. Capture, release or kill. I'm that good of a girlfriend.

2. I don't have a driver's licence... I practiced driving with my father once, but he was covered in sweat after only ten minutes so that was that.

3. When I have a powerful sneeze coming I start hitting things or stomping with my feet.

4. I eat strategically and arrange the food so that my last bite will be the perfect bite.

5. Also if there is meat on my plate, or something bulky-else, I cut it completely into pieces before I start eating so that I can eat continuously without cutting anything.

6. I always wear a hair tie on my wrist because at some point during the day I cannot stand how my long hair invades my face and eyesight.

7. I'm really good at playing "the game", you should all take advice from me.

8. When I like someone as a person, I get a very strong urge to tease them somehow. It is so intense that my teasing becomes some sort of compability test, like can we be friends or not. So occasionally the other person cannot deal with it and seemingly never likes me again as I am too high-hat, too annoying or simply too weird.

9. I'm a spy, but people think I'm just a stalker so they have no clue. No but I may seem clueless, indifferent or like I'm not paying attention... but I'm only being polite... Really, I'm such a spy.

10. The best thing about a gym is all the mirrors. But maybe everyone thinks so?

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